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Drag Queen Hire with Entertain-Ment

Welcome to Entertain-Ment's premier Drag Queen hub! When you think of a drag act, you're likely envisioning the magnificence: larger-than-life make-up, fabulous outfits, and gravity-defying hair. That's just a glimpse of what our queens bring to the table! With an unmatched sassy attitude and a comedic routine that will have everyone in stitches, hiring a drag queen from Entertain-Ment ensures you're not just getting an entertainer – you're inviting a personality!

Searching for Drag Act Hire across the UK?

Be it Birthdays, Hen Parties, Corporate Gatherings, Festive Celebrations, or TV appearances, our queens are ready to dazzle. Click here for an instant quote and book an unforgettable experience.

Having served a diverse clientele, including some renowned global corporate names, we take pride in our bespoke services. Every Drag Queen from Entertain-Ment is meticulously chosen and vetted, ensuring our standard remains unparalleled in the entertainment world.


Why Choose Entertain-Ment for Drag Act Hire?


The admiration and allure of Drag Queens have intensified since the days of RuPaul’s Drag Race. And while it's worth giving a nod to this cultural phenomenon, the real magic happens when our drag queens hit the stage. They don't just sing; they invite participation, ensuring everyone joins in the fun. And with the option of multiple costume changes and photo ops, your event is bound to be memorable.

Is Entertain-Ment’s Drag Queen Service Right For Your Event?


Absolutely! Regardless of your event type, our drag act is prepared to attend, perform, and even compere if you wish. From mingling with guests, eliciting hearty laughs, to ensuring everyone sings along, our drag queens are the life of the party. Just inform us of your requirements, the event's location and timing, and then, gear up for an epic celebration!

Elevate your event with Entertain-Ment's Drag Queens, where entertainment meets personality! 

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