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What a human statue does


If you thought all a human statue does is stand still, think again. These incredible entertainers are walking, (or standing!), works of art with professional body paint and make up to make them look totally realistic. Human statues will pose perfectly still, giving them the appearance of a real statue, and then they will surprise your guests by moving. But human statues are much more than that and can incorporate mime routines and comedy into their performance. They also include a high level of spectator interaction, making them loads of fun. 


Why hire a human statue for my event?


If you’re looking for something sophisticated and intelligent, but also fun and light-hearted, for your event, human statues are what you need. These guys have spent years perfecting their act and practising the art of being a statue. They are professional performers and also like to fool with their audience and make everyone laugh. Your guests will be amazed, and also surprised, at the high standard of talent involved, and they won’t believe it when the ‘statue’ moves! Perfect for events where you want something that can be positioned anywhere in the room or outdoor space to entertain your guests as they walk around.


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