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Shot Girls


If you own a nightclub or bar and are looking for something to create a buzz and pull in the punters, we’ve got just the thing. Shot girls and tequila girls are the perfect way to keep the clientele coming back for more again and again. And wait till the word gets round that you’ve got hot event shot girls serving shots in your bar! You’ll find yourself a whole new customer base, made up of people who love being tempted into buying more tequila by our sexy stunners. 

Our girls will market your club, bar or event by handing out shots and tempting the customers to put their hands in their pockets and make you more money. With 15 million people visiting nightclubs in the UK every year and the industry being worth over 2 billion, it’s time you bagged yourself as big a share of that pie as possible. And our shot girls can help you do just that. Your customers will love our shot girl hire hotties as they demonstrate just how good they are at increasing your revenue. 

Whether you own a bar or a nightclub, our shot girls can work with you to make sure they maximise the potential of attracting new customers. If you’re running an event and want shot girls to work the room and keep the atmosphere fun, our girls will leave everyone there in no doubt of their talents. They’ll impress your visitors with their skills, not to mention their good looks and sexy outfits! Shot girls get any party or event off to a great start and keep the fun flowing, along with the alcohol. 

From vodka shots and tequila slammers to jager bombs and whatever else you want in your shot glass, our professional serving girls will deliver your shots with a smile and a swing of their hips to keep the party on track. 

We can tailor our service to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you want to market your club night or event, or just have hot shot girls working your bar or party, we’ve got the girls for you.

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