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Golf Caddie Girls


Does your stag love a game of golf? Want to make it a game of golf he’ll never forget? Book our classy golf caddie girls to accompany you and your group on the fairway. They might not be able to improve your game, but they’ll improve the view no end! If you like playing a round (of golf!) and you need some help with your balls (golf balls!), our female golf caddies will help your golfing stag party go with a swing. 

Whatever your handicap, our stag party hostesses will make you feel like stars on the green. These gorgeous ladies know a thing or two about hitting a hole in one. There’s only one problem – they’re so stunning they might distract you from your game. Our female golf caddies will be dressed to impress in their sexy golfing outfits, but if you can take your eyes off them for long enough to hit a ball, you’ll find them to be the perfect supporters of your technique. 

So, what do caddie girls do? These beautiful babes will serve drinks to you and your stag group, carry your clubs and chauffeur your caddy. They’ll be on hand to help with divots and sandtraps and to score contests. They know the game well and will chat to you about your swing and encourage your game. These girls aren’t just there for show; they love their sport, so you’ll be getting the best of both worlds. Not only do they look amazing, but they’re clued up and understand the rules of golf perfectly. You’ll be the most glamorous group of golfers at the clubhouse with your sexy stag party hostesses by your side. 

And if you’re not an experienced golfer, but fancy having a go at something new as part of your stag weekend, this is the best possible way to learn a bit more about the game. Imagine having the most desirable caddie on the fairway. She’ll give you pointers on your swing and show you how to hold your club just right. Then she’ll follow you around the green with a wiggle of her hips, carrying your equipment, ready for you to take the next shot. 

So, whether you want to book your golf-mad stag the game of his life, or just fancy trying something new, make sure you hire one of our female golf caddies. They make a good walk with your clubs the most fun you’ll ever have!

Love a game of golf, trouble is now after having a sexy caddie, I'm always going to feel a bit let down! Amazed, she knew a lot about golf too!
How we managed to keep our eyes off her and on the game is beyond me. Excellent stuff.
Double whammy entertainment!!!!
Great service, thanks Entertain-ment.

Helpful Information

  • Do we choose the golf girls that accompany us?
    Yes, we will send you an email with photos of our girls in your area. Our golf caddie girls are all professional and have plenty of experience working with party groups.

  • How many hours can we book?
    There is a minimum of 3 hours for our golf girls. If you would like our hosts to stay longer, that’s fine; you can even have a whole day of golf if you want!

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