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There’s nothing quite like a cabaret show to indulge you in some blue humour and get those girly giggles going. When you book a drag act for your hen party you’re getting some serious laughs with one of the girls...almost. 

If you loved Lily Savage and can’t get enough of Rue Paul, you’re sure to love our drag queens. A drag queen is pure fun and will perform for your entertainment with some seriously saucy jokes and some totally fabulous routines, darling. She’ll be swinging her hips and live singing or lip-synching to your favourite diva songs, and she knows all the gossip to get you and your hens laughing. With a swish of her incredible outfit and a flick of her wig, your female impersonator will have you all in stitches. 

This larger than life character doesn’t hold back, and when she struts her stuff everyone knows about it. She’s always the star of the show, but even our drag act knows whose day it really is. She’s going to make your hen feels like the fabulous woman we all know she is by making her the centre of attention. Yes, ladies, your cabaret show will have your hen up and singing along with her. Let your drag queen know what your hen’s karaoke classic is and ‘she’ will do her best to give your hen the performance of her life. It’ll be loads of fun and seriously hilarious, so get your cameras ready because you’ll want to capture this moment forever. 

You can also fill your female impersonator in on some of your hen’s secrets and most embarrassing moments and your entertainer will include these in her routine and make them part of her act. Your hen will be shocked and amazed and will find it just as funny as everyone else when she hears some of her most embarrassing moments being retold on stage! 

Hen party drag acts offer something different for any hen celebration, and you’re sure to have a great time. This glitzy, glamorous queen will have everyone in fits of laughter and have you all reaching for the sequins and glitter so you can be just like her. She’s one of the girls, but like no other girl you’ve ever known!

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Helpful Information

  • Will our drag queen come to us?
    Yes, your act can come to you or you can come to us. We will also bring all the necessary equipment (PA system with mic).

  • How long do these hen party drag acts last?
    We recommend booking your drag act for 1 hour, but this can be split into two 30min slots.

  • Do we choose which drag act we want?
    Yes, we will send you a few clips of our acts via email. We will also let you know which acts we recommend. Please contact us for more information.

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