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Mud Wrestling Babes


Mud wrestling for a stag do? Awesome! What could be better than watching two sexy girls rolling around in mud? But wait a minute. Hold on there. Before you get all excited thinking this is a spectator sport...it’s not. No, our mud wrestling babeswant to wrestle you. That’s right. They want to take you down. And believe us, they are more than capable! 

This laugh-a-minute activity is perfect for the best man who wants to play a few jokes on the groom. He’ll be totally humiliated; our gorgeous girls take no prisoners and can wrestle any man to the floor. Your stag might think he’s tough, but wait till he gets covered in mud and finds himself in a headlock! Our mud wrestling babes might be sexy and utterly gorgeous, but they are also highly trained and they know all the best positions to get the better of the stag. Don’t be fooled by their pretty faces, these girls are ferocious and they just love to wrestle. Your stag is not gonna know what’s hit him when he gets up close and personal with these two beauties. But there’s one thing you can be sure he is gonna get hit with, and that’s a whole lot of mud! You might want to have your cameras handy for this one, boys, because your stag is about to be taken down a peg or two and he’s going down with mud all over him! The fields of Glastonbury have got nothing on these girls when it comes to covering you in the filthy stuff! 

He won’t suspect a thing – it’s sure to be a big surprise! We supply everything you’ll need for your stag mud wrestling party, including a suitable venue with a 12ft by 8ft space and changing and showering facilities. It’s going to get messy after all! So, you can keep him in the dark until he gets inside and sees what’s about to happen. It’ll be a hilarious shock for him and you’ll all be in fits of laughter as he struggles to keep his dignity against these fit mud babes. 

The mud wrestling stag party activity lasts about an hour in total with a little spare after the wrestling to have a chat with our feisty girls. If you’d rather substitute mud for an alternative, we can also bring chocolate or oil. Our girls don’t mind what they wrestle in, as long as they get to show you all who’s boss.

daisy and Emily were so lovely very hot and put on a heck of a mud wrestling show. Stag got what he deserved. really recommend entertainment uk for mud wrestling or female strippers
Liam payne

Helpful Information

  • Can we choose our mud wrestling girls?
    Yes, we do give you the choice, but we recommend leaving this to us as we know who is best to suit your event.

  • What do they wear?
    Our mud wrestling babes will be wearing minimal clothing – usually just bikinis. Unfortunately we do supply naked mud wrestling babes.

  • How long will this activity last?
    It will last approximately 1.5 hours, not including the set up time.

  • Do you bring the equipment?
    Yes, we supply all the equipment and we can even provide the venue in some cities. Contact us for further details.

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