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Comedian & Drag Acts


Stag nights are always full of laughs, and with a drag act for your stag party weekend you’re guaranteed plenty. Whether you laughed the loudest at Lily Savage or couldn’t get enough of Les Dawson’s dressing up, you’re going to love having this unique form of entertainment at your stag party. A drag queen is classic humour with a twist; with a drag act at your stag do you’ll have everyone in the mood for some serious fun. 

Our female impersonator can host your event and will usually perform for around an hour, but you can have this split up into sections of, say, twenty minutes each if you prefer. This will give you time in between to get the beers in, and will give your drag queen time to touch up her make-up! Once you’ve sorted out the where and when, your drag act will prepare herself so she can give you some first class entertainment. Have you seen how much make-up they put on? You thought your bride-to-be took a long time to get ready, wait till you see this woman’s war paint! And those heels! You and your fellow stags will be amazed at how your drag sashays around in those stilettos. 

But drag acts aren’t only about sequinned outfits and outrageous wigs. If your favourite character at the panto is the dame, you’ll know that they are also very funny. Your female impersonator is not only a visual feast, she’s also a brilliant comedian. Your group will be bowled over by her brilliant humour and her blue jokes. Drag queens aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and there’s no subject too taboo for this dame. She doesn’t shy away from those close to the bone topics. You and your fellow stags are going to get some down to earth humour with a dose of the outrageous. 

If all this is a little too much for you to handle or you want something a bit more straight up, you can choose to book a regular comedian for your stag party. Or, if you want the best of both worlds, book the two acts together. Our comedians for hire will do exactly as you’d expect, entertaining you with some top notch humour. 

Whatever you decide, adding this kind of entertainment to your stag do means the pressure’s off and the laughs are on. Book your stag comedy night now!


Helpful Information

  • How long does a drag/comedy performance last?
    This is typically 1 hour but can be split into smaller sections.

  • What drag acts do you have?
    We use only professional drag acts with their own PA systems and mics.

  • How do I choose the drag act I want?
    We will send you a clip of the drag act(s) that we recommend in your area. We will also send you other suggestions to choose from.

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