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Stag Do Pole Dancers


A pole party is perfect for stags who have some time at home before going out and want to spice it up a bit, or those who’ve decided not to go out, but want to bring the party to them. It might be that you have a couple of hours to kill while you get ready for hitting the town, or you might have all evening to spare. Whatever your itinerary, a pole party can fit in with your plans. It’s sexy fun right there in your living room. 

So, what is a pole party? It’s really quite simple. If you’ve ever been to a pole dancing or lap dancing club, you’ll know what we’re talking about; it’s girls on poles. Girls dancing in sexy outfits while striking incredible poses on poles. You’d be bringing the strip club into your own home. What could be better? No need to go out and find a place, queue up and then pay over the odds for your drinks. You can have the strip show all right where you are. 

These sexy stunners will bring everything with them, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. They bring their own portable poles and are ready with their skimpy outfits, so just sit back with a beer and watch the show. Your guests will be amazed when they find out what you have planned, and no one’s gonna want to go out while these girls are around. You can even have a lap dance, just like you would at the club. Our dancers are fit, they’re flexible, and they’re experts on the poles. They’ll amaze you with their abilities and they really put on a show. You can order however many girls you want, depending on how much space you have at your place and how many guests you have. Order a few girls to bring their poles and perform their routines for you, and you’ll really get the party started. 

This is perfect for those guys who want to add something special to their party and it’ll really kick things off as you mean to go on. Create a club atmosphere in your own home with our professional pole dancers!

Never seen this anywhere before. But added such a great dimension to our night in

Helpful Information

  • How tall does the ceiling have to be?
    Your ceiling will need to be below 9ft high (approx.) for us to use our portable poles in your house.

  • Can you bring a portable pole to a rented venue?
    Yes, of course. We can come to where you are, but you may want to inform the venue’s owners in advance.

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