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Personal Instructor


So, the bride-to-be thinks her hen party is going to be all about lounging around, eating and drinking too much? Oh, how wrong she is! Your hen might think she’s going to get a lie in and slob out, but what kind of friends would you be if you let that happen? You’re looking out for her here. You want to keep your hen healthy and have her match fit for the big day, right? You know she wants to look her best and still fit into that gorgeous wedding dress, right? So, you’re doing her a favour.

If you think your hen needs a kick up the backside and a wakeup call from a fit, fun personal instructor, we can arrange just what you need. 

Our personal instructors come in two categories for you to choose from. Mr Motivator is a fun character who’ll have you all up and jogging round the park in silly pink wigs and fancy dress. He might seem like a he’s just out for a laugh, and he is, but he’s also there to encourage you to get your knees up and stretch those parts of you can’t remember stretching before. Alternatively, you can go in hard and strong and book a SAS trainer. This guy is tough and takes no prisoners. He’ll bark orders at you and command you to hit the floor and give him twenty...press-ups, that is! Yes, he’s tough, but he’s also fun and he’s also hunky. So, you’ll be put through your paces by some eye candy and you’ll be expected to give your all with those star jumps...if you can take your eyes off his biceps that is! 

We’ll supply pink wigs for your Mr Motivator personal trainer and face paint for that commando look for the SAS trainer. You’ll need to bring your own fancy dress for Mr Motivator and you’ll need running shoes and sportswear. Your session will last around one and half hours and you’ll each get an E certificate to prove you took part in this crazy activity. You can book your personal trainer to turn up wherever you want. It’s perfect for getting your hen out of bed on her hen weekend, in a hotel, and making her run round the city, but we can also arrange for your trainer to put you through your paces at local sports centre or even the hen’s home. 

Come on and get the blood pumping girls, you’ve got some serious partying to do later and you’ll need to train hard!

Personal Instructor Gallery

So my future hubby and I decided, for fun, he would book my hen do and I would book his stag do, off he goes to see naked ladies in Spain, and I am left with my girls with a personal instructor. Nice one Dan! Jokes on him though! Our instructor was brutal but hilarious all muscles ached after, but what a laugh!!!
Loads fun! Don't just laze around, get up and do this!
Ladies were sceptical as this involveds no champagne or naked men, but it made us all team up, we were so ready for the night by the end! Please pass on our thanks to our instructor, Kieeran.
We laughed and laughed! We weren't the best pupils, but it was a great time!

Helpful Information

  • What outfits shall we wear?
    The most outrageous ones you have in your wardrobe or the outfits that are stuck in your attic. Be colourful be creative and then your blend in.

  • What do we need to bring?
    Our personal instructors will bring all the equipment needed to exhaust your muscles and get you physically prepared for your long day. Please wear a sporty outdoor outfit with comfortable trainers.

  • What time does the instructor come?
    Any time between 6am - 10pm any day of the week our hunky/funny personal instructor can attend.

  • Does everyone have to take part?
    No if you are unable to take part physically you won't be left out. You will be given roles or come up with possible ideas for the session (possibly ways to inflict pain on the group).

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