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Roly Poly Stripograms


Your stag wants a stripper. But you’ve got other ideas, right? As the best man, you want to see your stag humiliated and embarrassed. Well, we’ve got the perfect way to give him what he wants...by not giving him what he wants! You’ll get him a stripper, sure, but like no stripper he’s ever seen before. You’ll give him more woman than he can handle! 

For the stag with all the chat who thinks he can deal with any woman, here’s one who’s going to prove him wrong! Our roly poly strippers are larger ladies who will show you all they’ve got. Your roly poly stripogram can come to your house or we can arrange a venue where she can perform for you. She’ll do her routine to music and then she’ll strip for you. She’s like any other stripper, only more so! 

You can choose your stripper’s outfit. There’s a wide range to choose from, such as policewoman and nurse. She can also bring props if you like, usually body oil and a whip, though if you feel this would be too much you can choose to have a straightforward strip routine. If you’ve got a stag who’s up for anything and thinks he can take it, your roly poly stripper can totally humiliate him by tying him up, whipping him and sitting on him. This Ten-Ton Tessie ain’t afraid of no man! Your stag will wonder what’s hit him and the rest of you will get the biggest laugh you’ve had in ages. You can even arrange to have your stripper handcuffed to the groom as you go around the city centre. She’s very versatile and she’s up for a good laugh. 

The show will last for around twenty-five minutes. She’ll be happy to chat to you afterwards, and you can all have photos taken with her. It all depends how much of this woman your stag can handle and how much you want to show him up! 

With such a wide choice in how you want your big girl to entertain you, this is the perfect way to really put the fun into your stag’s party and give him something he definitely didn’t see coming. She’s big, she’s brash, and she’s all woman. She’ll give your stag a party to remember and with all this girl’s got going on, it’s one none of you will be able to forget in a hurry!


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Thanks again. Was so funny the stag really enjoyed it.
Harold Hudjinson
Great service was very humiliating. I am submissive and breedabke Fat lengers @ me @will.godsiff
Big busty gyal I loved it

Helpful Information

  • What venues do you use?
    If you are struggling to find a venue for a stripper in the city then we can help. We use venues across the UK that allow all types of stripper shows. We can also come to your own location.

  • How big are the roly poly strippers?
    To be classified as a ‘roly poly’, strippers normally have to be above 17 stone in weight.

  • How far do roly poly stripograms go?
    Don’t worry, there’s no holding back! Please note that you and your party will take full responsibility for the stag’s total humiliation and embarrassment.

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