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Roly Poly Stripogram Sheffield


Hire a roly poly stripper in Sheffield? 

Sheffield strippers are full of steel and Sheffield grit and the larger they come, the sassier they are. When you book a roly poly stripper Sheffield in this fun Yorkshire city, you’re getting more than you bargained for. But if you’re the best man who wants to embarrass the stag at his party, that’s the idea! A roly poly stripogram Sheffield girl will arrive at your party in the costume you’ve hand-picked for her to wear. Your stag will have no idea what’s going on and he’ll get the shock of his life when he finds out! This girl’s body is wilder than the Yorkshire Moors and you and your party are going to see the lot! So prepare to be amazed, your roly poly stripper is like no stripper you’ve ever seen before. 

Fat stripper for a stag party. 

You won’t need to ask ‘who ate all the pies?’ when this girl’s around! She may be big, but she’s a shed load of fun and she’ll bring it all to your stag do. If you want to completely humiliate the stag at his party, a fat female stripper is the choice for you. This girl has no shame and she’s ready to let your stag feel the full force of her weight. Literally. Yes, she’ll strip and she’ll sit on him. If you want her to, she’ll totally humiliate him. How far you want our ten-ton-tessy to go is up to you. But one thing’s for sure, your big girl stripper will be loads of fun and an experience none of you will ever forget!

A girl of a slightly larger size dressed as bat woman was not what i had in mind when my mates told me they got me a stripper!! Still, good fun and some great memories!
Many thanks to all of you for getting the perfect package for our group, we all have different tastes, likes and dislikes yet everyone of us was catered for! Thank you.
100% using you again! Roly poly strippers was laugh out loud, roll on the floor funny. My mates face was a picture!!!
Fab weekend, thanks so much for your help.

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