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Roly Poly Stripogram London


Roly poly stripper for a stag party in London? 

You’re having your stag do in the big city. You’re expecting big times. You’re having it large in London. So what could be better than a big girl for your big party experience? That’s right, lads, this girl is big and beautiful and she’s ready to bare all for you! Choose a roly poly stripper London for your stag do in London and watch the stag be totally humiliated as this larger than life lady strips and sits on him! It’ll be the best laugh you’ve had in ages and the perfect way to bring your stag down a peg or two. She’s wider than the Thames and she’s a whole lotta woman! She’s fabulous fun and her strip routine will have you all slack-jawed. This is one roly poly stripogram London stripper you’ll never forget. 

Can a roly poly stripper perform at a house? 

One of the great things about a roly poly stripper is she’s totally mobile and she’ll go wherever the party is. If you have some spare time at home before you hit the town or you’re having your entire stag party in the house, our fat girl stripper can join in. This big fun female can arrive at your house and perform her routine for you in the comfort of your own home. This is perfect for a lot of stags because the roly poly routine can fit into your plans wherever and whenever. Surprise the stag when he least expects it by having this big girl turn up at his house. She’ll turn up the heat and have you all in fits of laughter at the stag’s expense.

Completely stunned the stag!! Mouth open, no words coming out and he couldn't move! Loved it, she was a great girl.
Again, wanted to thank you for your planning of my stag do. We are the most unorganised group and everything fell into place with your help, would have been a bit rubbish without you!!
Completely hilarious! Best way to stitch up a stag ever!
The stag was amazed!! I have a great collection of photos now from the stag do for my best mans speech :)

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