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Roly Poly Stripogram Dublin


Roly poly stripper to embarrass the stag in Dublin 

Your stag do in Dublin will be wild non-stop parting, but if you want to really turn up the fun-factor book a roly poly stripper to embarrass the stag. Dublin’s a popular destination for stags and it’s clear to see why. With bars and clubs filled with Guinness and Irish whisky, you’re not going to be short of a good time. But this is a stag do and what’s a stag do without humiliation for the stag? The other thing you really have to have on a stag party is a stripper. Combine the two things together and get a roly poly stripper Dublin who’s so much woman she’s more than most men can handle. Then watch as your stag gets the surprise of his life. He won’t see this coming until your big bertha is right there...and then there’s no missing her! 

What is a grotto gram? 

This stripper’s not for the shy stags. Not only is a grotto gram a larger lady with lumps in all the wrong places, but she’s also old enough to be your grandmother! That’s right, boys, this is one woman you certainly don’t want to see naked, and that’s exactly why she’ll embarrass your stag more than any other! A grotto gram is a rolypoly stripogram Dublin woman of a certain age who’ll arrive at your party in a sleazy outfit and perform a gruesome strip routine. Your stag won’t believe his eyes and he’s going to need a few stiff drinks once this woman’s done with him. She’ll get up close and personal, sit on him and completely humiliate him. As best man this is your one chance to have a good laugh at his expense. What does he expect on his stag do?

Very funny fanks
Joe Law
She was larger than life and the stag loved every minute of her!!
So funny, great way to get an evening started, blindfolded the stag and let the lady do her thing!! The trick is to take the blindfold off just as she is sitting on his lap!!!
Brilliant!! Great idea, thanks for the recommendation!

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