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Roly Poly Stripogram Belfast


Venues that allow roly poly strippers in Belfast 

Our big Belfast beauties are all set to strip for you. They just need to know where and when. Belfast has some fantastic venues for your stag party, but they might not all be suitable for a roly poly stripper Belfast to perform in. Our plus-sized stunners love a good party and they don’t mind where they do their thing, but these girls can get a bit wild and they need some space! If you’re not sure about where would be best for your Belfast lass to show your stag all she’s got, don’t worry, we can help you. We already know all the best venues for your roly poly strippogram Belfast experience and we can arrange the whole thing for you. If you already know where you’re going, just check with the management and our super-sized stripper will arrive with her big Northern Irish charm. Alternatively our roly poly girl can do her routine in your house. 

How long does a roly poly strip for? 

It depends on the type of roly poly girl you choose as to how long she strips. Most roly polys will be with you for around twenty minutes, but there are some slight variations. If you book a tame kissergram she has less to do and will be there for about fifteen minutes. This big beauty will do a semi strip and can sit on the stag, but won’t do more than that. If you book a standard super-sized stripper she’ll do a full strip and will be around twenty minutes. You can ask for other things to be included which will also make the experience last longer. Your fat female can dominate your stag if you want. She can tie him to the chair, squirt him with cream and whip him into submission!

As the guy on the receiving end of a roly poly stipogram, I would say that if you truly want to humiliate your stag, then book this!!
A really good surprise! I was not expecting her at all!!!
Wow! what a lady, she was brilliant! Thanks for all your help in the organisation of my stag and my completely unorganised mates!!
Brilliant!! What a girl, she was a great performer!

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