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Is a fire breather a great idea for a corporate event?


If you want to add a little heat to your corporate event and you want to amaze your guests and team, a fire breather can really fan the flames. This guy gives a dragon a run for its money as he breathes out flames and raises the roof on your event. He’s got safety covered and he knows how to entertain you and your guests. Hear everyone begin to gasp in astonishment as our fire breather roars out his flames and gets everyone hot under the collar. This professional and experienced entertainer has practised his act to perfection to bring you the very best in red hot performances.


Can I book a fire breather?


If you want a performer who literally plays with fire, we’ve got the act for you. Ever wandered what it would be like to witness a real live dragon doing its thing? We’ve got a close match in the form of a professional fire breather. Our fire entertainer will amaze you and your guests as they turn up the heat on your party or event. If you want to book our fire breather for your do, simply let us know where and when you want our fire breather to do their thing, and then get ready to be amazed. This is the hottest entertainment in town! 


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