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Female Stripper Brighton


How to book a female stripper in Brighton 

Booking your female stripper Brighton couldn’t be easier. Brighton is party central and whether you’re looking for something low key and tame or something outrageous and humiliating, this seaside town with a love of all things wild has it. The first thing you need to decide on is how much your stag can handle. If you’re not looking to show him up too much and you want to be gentle, a kissogram could be the thing. This girl will arrive in costume, do a semi strip, sit on his knee and deliver a message. A standard strippergram will do the same, only this girl will do a full strip. But if you want to really push your stag and humiliate him, book a miss whiplash and watch him squirm. This stag do stripper Brighton is a dominatrix with a love of whipping stags! When you’ve decided what you want for your groom-to-be just let us know the date and time and where the party is, and we’ll do the rest! 

Will strippergrams strip all the way? 

When it comes to female strippers there are different girls who do different routines. Some will do a semi strip, keeping it tame while still sexy in a costume of your choice. These are usually kissograms and will deliver a message to the stag, sit on his knee and perform to music. But if you want your strippergram to go all the way, you can book a performer who does a full strip. Strippergrams will arrive at your party in costume – policewoman, sexy secretary, nurse etc – and will target the stag! Your strippergram will have a message for the man of the moment and then she’ll perform a strip to music. If you book a strippergram it’s usually assumed you want her to do a full strip, so if that’s not the plan let us know. Otherwise, get ready to see your stag lost for words as his very own strippergram arrives at the party and performs for him!

Female Stripper in Brighton Gallery

Both superb memories and a hangover that I will never be able to get rid of!!
Great service from Entertain-ment, we were awkward to please and they made it all really easy.
Definitley going to Brighton for another stag, stripper was amazing and there is a great choice of pubs and clubs.

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