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Female Stripper York


Can we have the stag dominated in York? 

York is a popular city with stags for many different reasons. It’s got the bars, the nightclubs, the eateries, the old streets, the dungeons... yes, we know you’re mostly going to be there for the beer, but York’s rich history is still interesting, and relevant. If you think about it, York could be the perfect location to find yourself if you’re interested in a spot of female domination. You can take your stag down the dungeons and then let him get a taste of that treatment for himself later when you surprise him with miss whiplash! Yes, if you want to humiliate the stag and have a good laugh at his expense, you can arrange to have him dominated. This feisty female loves taking prisoners and she’ll tie him to the chair and have him on the receiving end of her vicious lashes! Have your stag taken down a peg or two with our very own dungeon diva! 

How to book a female stripper 

Booking a female stripper York couldn’t be easier. The most difficult part of the process is making those all important decisions, like what she should wear and how far you want her to go. But we’re sure you’ll manage! We have a range of costumes to choose from, going from the traditional stripper wear to the more unusual. Unless you choose the outrageous miss whiplash for your stag do stripper York experience, the costumes for strippergrams and kissergrams are similar. Decide on which kind of stripper you want. This depends on how much you think the stag can handle and how much you want to humiliate him! Then all that’s left to do is decide where you’ll be when your stripper joins the party. If you want to book seats for a stripper show, it’s simple. There’s a range of venues offering this and we can arrange it all for you.

Female Stripper in York Gallery

15 blokes, not a lot of money and no ideas is what I was given to play with. Sorted it all in a matter of hours, no complaints or fuss, that's what it should be like!!! Thanks to everyone on the team.
You took all the hassle out of the planning for my stag weekend. Much appreciated.
Visit Entertain-ment before anyone else, they wont let you down. All of us said that we will be using them again after a cracking weekend in York, stag is still recovering, as are the rest of us!!

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