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Looking for a hen night activity that takes you outside of your comfort zone? If you and the girls want a unique and brilliant experience that none of you will ever forget, we'd strongly recommend trying one of our burlesque dance classes.

Wait - isn't burlesque dancing basically just stripping?

No ma'am. Burlesque is far more sophisticated than the sort of thing you'll see at your local gentlemen's club, and - crucially - it never goes as far as total nudity.

A burlesque hen party isn't about getting naked in front of your friends; it's about trying on different outfits, learning some awesome new moves, and generally having some fun while you master the seductive art of burlesque dancing. And who knows - maybe you'll pick up something to show your fiancé when you get home?

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Of course, burlesque dancing does still involve some fairly revealing clothes, and we appreciate that not everyone will be brave enough to unleash their inner Dita Von Teese. If you'd prefer a slightly less cheeky dance workshop for your hen do, try one of these instead:
Hen party dance class

It goes without saying that your hen party is the perfect excuse for a dance, but what if you want to take things one step further than drunkenly shimmying around on the dancefloor of your local Walkabout? What if you want to do some real dancing?

Well, if that's what you want, you're in luck - Entertain-Ment offer a variety of different dance classes for hot-footed hens and their friends. Here are a few examples of what we have to offer:

Salsa dancing

Salsa Dance Classes

Strictly viewers will know salsa as 'that dance with all the wiggling and hip action'. It's great fun to learn, and your newly-learned moves will really help you to stand out from the crowd when you clubbing afterwards!

Bollywood dancer

Bollywood Dance Classes

If you enjoyed the last scene of Slumdog Millionaire - the part where they're all dancing in the railway station - then we bet you'll love learning those same moves for yourself. You'll also have the chance to dress up like a genuine Bollywood movie star!

Burlesque hen do

Burlesque Dance Classes

If you and the girls are feeling extra-confident, why not try your hand (or, um, your legs) at burlesque dancing? Our burlesque workshop is sure to make you all feel super-sexy, which is a great feeling to take into town for your hen night!

Click here to learn about the other hen party dance classes we offer - they're all led by experienced, friendly professionals, and they're all amazing fun for any girly occassion!