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We've suggested a few fun hen party games for you and the girls to play on the big night, but those were all reasonably tame by bachelorette party standards. What if you want something a little naughtier?

Well, we've never been ones to shy away from the ruder side of hen parties here at IM Entertained (we do supply male strippers, after all!) Here's another trio of terrific hen party games to try...be warned, though, because these ones are a fair bit ruder than the last batch!

Pin the Willy on the Hunk

We all pinned tails on donkeys when we were little, but this classic children's party game is a little...well, childish for a hen do. Here's a slightly more adult version: go on Google Images (you may wish to use incognito mode!) and print out a picture of a scantily-clad man. Hang your hunk on the wall, then cut a penis shape out of some pink card - this will be the, ahem, 'tail'. Blindfold each player and challenge them to pin (or Blu-Tack) the willy on the hunk; the winner is the one who gets it closest to the correct spot!

Clothes Swap

Here's a very cheeky game that your fiancé and his mates will probably wish they could have watched! Select one player - the maid of honour, perhaps - to be the referee, and split everyone else into teams of two. The referee turns off the lights, and each pair of players must swap as many items of clothing as they dare while it's dark! After a pre-agreed time limit (roughly one minute works best), the referee turns the lights back on, and the team who has swapped the most items of clothing wins! The fun of this game is wondering how many garments you're brave enough to swap - exchanging bras and/or pants could be what wins you the game, but will you be able to get them on before the lights come on...?

Who Did It?

How well do you know your gal pals? Let's find out! Give each girl a pen and three slips of paper. Each of you must write down three embarrassing personal secrets (e.g. "I showed my boobs to the camera at Glastonbury", "I once had sex in a Wetherspoons loo") and put the folded slips of paper into a hat or another container. One by one, the maid of honour removes the slips from the hat and reads out the anonymous secrets - everyone else has to guess who wrote what! The winner is the person who makes the most correct guesses.

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A good hen party needs good hen party games. We've already shared a few ideas with you on the Entertain-Ment blog, but today, we've got another great one to add to the list. It's called Don't Say It! and it's sure to have everyone in fits of giggles when you play it on your hen do.


Don't Say It!

A hen party game for any number of players

The aim of this game is to go for as long as you can without saying certain 'banned' words and phrases. Every time you utter any of the taboo words, you have to pay a penalty - will YOU be able to hold your tongue for the whole hen night?

How to play:

  • Before the party gets started, sit down with your hens and come up with a list of words/phrases that are likely to be spoken frequently over the course of the hen do. See below for a few suggestions - your list can be as long or as short as you please, though we recommend aiming for 5-10 terms.

  • Give everyone a copy of the list so that nobody can use ignorance as an excuse.

  • Once the hen party has begun, all words and phrases on your list are strictly banned.

  • If anyone is caught saying a banned word/phrase at ANY point during the hen night, they must perform a forfeit. The specifics are up to you; Don't Say It! makes a great drinking game (take a drink every time you break the rules), but you may prefer to up the stakes and dole out an embarrassing dare for every taboo word.

  • If you're one of those competitive people who thinks that every game needs a winner, you may wish to keep score. Make a list of everyone at the party, and when somebody says a banned phrase, cross their name off the list. Anyone who manages to stay on the list until the end of the night should get a special prize...or perhaps an extra-nasty punishment for being such a goody two-shoes!

Suggested Words & Phrases:

This game works best if the banned terms are almost impossible to avoid saying in a hen night scenario. Here are some of the best we could think of - feel free to make up your own!
  • The name of the groom
  • "Wedding"
  • "Drink"
  • "Hen"
  • "Bride"
  • "Married" (and/or "Marriage")
  • "Sex"
  • "Stripper"
  • "Pub" or "Bar"
  • "Church" (or, if it's not a church wedding, the name of the venue where the ceremony will take place)
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Hen party games

Games are the lifeblood of a good hen night (as well as most good stag nights). No matter where you find yourself on the big night, there's always a cheeky game to play - here are three examples:

If you're at home...

Perhaps the quintessential hen party game is Mr & Mrs. Before the party, the bridesmaids meet up with their friend's fiancé and find out some facts about him - they can be as mundane or as risqué as you fancy. Then, on the hen night, quiz the bride-to-be and find out just how much she knows about her future hubby! For example, you could ask her what his dream job is, or where he lost his virginity, or who his celebrity crush is...it's entirely up to you! Be sure to make her do a forfeit if she gets one wrong!

If you're in the pub...

When you're in public, the games have to be a little more restrained...not! A hen party pub sesh is the perfect opportunity to get other people involved in your games; one always-excellent option is Rate My Hunk, which involves chatting up men from other tables and bringing them back for your friends to judge. Each hen grabs a good-looking guy from around the pub, then - once everybody's found someone - the guys line up for the party to rate from 'Hot' to 'Not'. The hottest hunk gets a prize, as does the hen who scouted him out!

If you're out clubbing...

Just because you're busy dancing doesn't mean that the games have to stop! A no-holds-barred dance-off is the obvious choice here, but if you want to try something a bit more challenging, there's always Dare List. Before you hit the town, write down a list of roughly 10 dares for everybody to complete - remember, you'll be in a club, so keep the dares relevant (e.g. 'Get a guy to buy you a drink', 'Snog a bald man'). Cross off the dares as you complete them; those who complete the whole list get prizes, while the hen who does the fewest dares should be given an extra-embarrassing forfeit as punishment!

Of course, games like these are just part of the hen party fun. Visit our Hen Party Ideas section for more ideas!