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Sexy waiters

We supply all sorts of hen party entertainment here at Entertain-Ment, but our buff butlers may well be the single most popular option of all. Here are a few reasons why:
  • A Treat for the Eyes: It's good to give the bride something nice to look at on her hen night, and there are few sights more appealing than our muscly, half-naked waiters!

  • Put Your Feet Up: Why should you have to do the heavy lifting for your own hen do? Why should you have to walk all the way to the kitchen every time someone wants a drink or something to eat? It's far easier - and far more fun! - to relax and let our buff butlers do the work for you. If you want, they'll even do the dishes at the end of the evening!

  • Your Choice of Outfits: Whether you want your sexy waits to wear jeans, boxers, or just a bum-baring apron, your sartorial wish is their command!

  • Cocktails and Conversation: Our sexy waiters don't just look good - they're also great at making conversation and mixing cocktails (you'll have to provide the ingredients, mind). In fact, a buff butler could well be the best party guest you could possibly invite!
If you want one of our sexy waiters to host your hen party, give us call on 029 20 003 310 or click here to get a quote.
Sexy waiters

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess on her hen night - that's why tiaras are such a popular hen accessory. Naturally, you'll want to have a few drinks at your bachelorette party, but there's no need for you to fetch them yourself; after all, would a princess have to go and get her own drinks?

Of course not! She'd have somebody to go and get them for her, and for the duration of your hen do, so should you.

To that end, allow us to introduce our sexy waiters:

Shown here with a very happy bride-to-be. That could be you!

Hiring a couple of our nearly-naked waiters is the perfect way to ensure that you feel like royalty for your hen night. They'll serve you drinks and snacks, join in with the party games, and even do the washing up! Oh, and did we mention that they'll be wearing nothing but aprons...?

If you're organising a hen party and you really want to give the guests a treat, then Entertain-Ment's sexy waiters are the only way to go. Click here to learn more and make a booking!