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There are two ways to do a stag party: you can either show your soon-to-be-married mate the best night of his life, or you can humiliate him to within an inch of his dignity. Today, we'd like to suggest a few different ideas for the latter approach.

Roly poly stripper

Roly-Poly Strippers!

If the groom-to-be has requested a strip show for his bachelor party, it only seems right to give him what he wants...and then some! Our roly-poly strippers are big, busty, and eager to take off their clothes for your pal! We just hope he can handle those curves...

Want to embarrass him even more? Why not ask your roly-poly stripper to bring along a pair of handcuffs?

Mud Wrestling!

Wrestling a sexy lady in a big pool of mud might sound like a rather attractive proposition, but how attractive will your stag feel when the sexy lady wins? Very few men can match our expert mud wrestlers - they'll have your mate face-down in the filth faster than you can say 'crikey!'

Want to embarrass him even more? Make it a handicap match - two lethal women against one helpless, mud-soaked stag!

Pole Dancing!

Here's a fun little prank: before you set out for the stag do, tell the groom-to-be that he'll be enjoying a spot of pole dancing later on. He'll probably be very enthusiastic indeed, but what he doesn't know is that he'll be the one on the pole! We'll send you a professional pole dancing instructor who will put your buddy through his paces and ensure that his face is redder than red by the end of the lesson!

Want to embarrass him even more? Make him wear a silly costume while he wraps his thighs around the pole! Actually, we recommend that you make him wear a silly costume no matter what you're doing:
Hen party dwarf hire

Size isn't everything, and to their credit, Britain's brides-to-be seem to have figured this out - our Dwarf Hire service is one of the most popular hen party packages we offer! We get new enquiries every day from hens who want to hire little people for their bachelorette parties, and our pint-sized entertainers never fail to make a BIG impression!

If you've got room for one extra guest at your hen do (and, let's face it, you don't need that much room) then a lively, fun-loving dwarf will make the perfect addition to your crew. You can even ask for him to show up in a particular costume; here are some ideas to get your cogs whirring...

  • Smurfs: Nothing says 'last night of singledom' like a little person painted blue! Smurfs are a stag and hen party staple, and even if you don't bother handcuffing the bride to the dwarf you hire, he's bound to show her a spectacularly smurfy time!

  • Oompa-Loompas: Perhaps the most popular choice among hens looking to hire a dwarf is the classic oompa-loompa costume. With bright orange face paint and a snazzy green wig, the look is utterly unmistakeable, and it's a particularly appropriate choice if you're trying a spot of chocolate making on your hen weekend!

  • Superheroes: Whether you want a pint-sized Superman or an itty-bitty Batman, dressing your dwarf in a mask and cape is a great way to make your hen party...well, super! Bonus points if you and the girls are all dressed as superheroes as well.

Got a different idea for your hen party dwarf? Get in touch to discuss, or visit our Dwarf Hire page for more information!
You don't have to hire a stripper to get an eyeful on your stag night. Perhaps your bride-to-be has told you that you're not allowed a stripper, or perhaps you just don't feel like paying for the full show; either way, you'll be pleased to know that there is another option.

And the name of that option is topless waitresses! Our sexy, semi-nude serving girls will come to your house and wait on you hand and foot while you and the lads gear up for the best night ever.

Here are some of the things a topless waitress can do for you:
  • When the boys first arrive at your house, get your topless waitress to answer the door and give the lads a surprise!

  • Finished your beer? Don't get up - let your waitress get another one for you!

  • A lad's night in can be a pretty messy affair, but this time, you don't have to tidy the house when the party's over. Just head to the clubs and leave your waitress to clean up!
Our topless waitresses are friendly, sexy, and eager to please. Oh, and since they're technically not strippers - they do keep some of their clothes on - this is the perfect loophole for anyone whose fiancée has specifically forbidden the presence of strippers at the stag do!

Click here to find out more about our topless waitresses, or give Entertain-Ment a call on 02920 003310 to make a booking.
Hen party games

Games are the lifeblood of a good hen night (as well as most good stag nights). No matter where you find yourself on the big night, there's always a cheeky game to play - here are three examples:

If you're at home...

Perhaps the quintessential hen party game is Mr & Mrs. Before the party, the bridesmaids meet up with their friend's fiancé and find out some facts about him - they can be as mundane or as risqué as you fancy. Then, on the hen night, quiz the bride-to-be and find out just how much she knows about her future hubby! For example, you could ask her what his dream job is, or where he lost his virginity, or who his celebrity crush is...it's entirely up to you! Be sure to make her do a forfeit if she gets one wrong!

If you're in the pub...

When you're in public, the games have to be a little more restrained...not! A hen party pub sesh is the perfect opportunity to get other people involved in your games; one always-excellent option is Rate My Hunk, which involves chatting up men from other tables and bringing them back for your friends to judge. Each hen grabs a good-looking guy from around the pub, then - once everybody's found someone - the guys line up for the party to rate from 'Hot' to 'Not'. The hottest hunk gets a prize, as does the hen who scouted him out!

If you're out clubbing...

Just because you're busy dancing doesn't mean that the games have to stop! A no-holds-barred dance-off is the obvious choice here, but if you want to try something a bit more challenging, there's always Dare List. Before you hit the town, write down a list of roughly 10 dares for everybody to complete - remember, you'll be in a club, so keep the dares relevant (e.g. 'Get a guy to buy you a drink', 'Snog a bald man'). Cross off the dares as you complete them; those who complete the whole list get prizes, while the hen who does the fewest dares should be given an extra-embarrassing forfeit as punishment!

Of course, games like these are just part of the hen party fun. Visit our Hen Party Ideas section for more ideas!
Hen party limo

What good is a hen do if you and the girls can't travel in style? Stretch limos are usually reserved for celebrities and other VIPs, but your bachelorette party is a great opportunity for you to book a limo of your own - after all, you're the VIP today!

But we're going to let you in on a little secret: when it comes to hen party transportation, limousines are only the second most spectacular option available to you. What's number one, you ask?

A party bus, of course! Booking a bus for your big night out will give you and the girls even more room in which to relax between destinations, and your big pink bus will attract even more attention than a classy stretch limo!

In all seriousness, whether you opt for a traditional limousine or a great big bus, it really is well worth booking your hen party transport ahead of time. Here are a few reasons why:
  • No waiting for taxis and worrying about being late for bookings
  • You won't have to split the group up to fit everyone in a car
  • No queuing for a taxi when the night is over - your vehicle will stay with you all night
  • Listen to your favourite tunes and have a few drinks while you're being driven around
If you're ready to book your hen party transportation, contact Entertain-ment to find out about the services we offer in your area. Alternatively, visit our Party Bus & Limo Hire page for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!