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Our girls are always well groomed and immaculately dressed, and are happy to dress casually or wear branded clothing to promote your business or even to dress up according to a themed event. Our brand ambassadors are enthusiastic and energetic, as well as providing an excellent service by paying attention to detail. 

Our team of promotional staff are well presented and attractive females who are passionate and enthusiastic about helping you to promote your business. Our girls are eye-catching to encourage passing trade, but their professionalism is unquestionable, and they'll provide a seriously impressive service for you and your business. 

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What's a stag do without a few games, eh? Whether you're pre-drinking in your hotel room, getting sloshed at your local pub, or just hanging out at home, a bit of friendly competition never fails to kick the party up a notch.

But what to play? Monopoly and Cluedo won't cut it for a special occasion like this - instead, here are 5 top games that are perfect for stag parties:

  1. Blacks & Reds: This is a super-simple game for any number of players - all you need is a deck of cards. Sit in a circle around a table and take it in turns to turn over a card from the top of the deck. If you get a red card, you have to take a drink; if you get a black card, you can nominate another player to take a drink. Keep going until the deck is depleted...then reshuffle the cards and start again!

  2. Beer Pong: If you can get hold of some cups and a couple of ping-pong balls, beer pong is an excellent way to get everybody in the party mood. You already know the rules: two people stand at opposite ends of a table, throwing ping-pong balls at the other person's cups, which of course are full of beer. If your opponent's ball lands in one of your cups, you have to drink that cup's contents and remove the cup from the table. First person to run out of cups is the loser!

  3. Ring of Fire: Another classic drinking game, and another one that's easy to set up (if you've got a pint glass and a deck of cards, you're good to go!) Everyone has their own version of the rules, but for the purposes of this blog post, we're going to defer to Wikipedia.

  4. Banned Words: Choose some words that nobody is allowed to say for the duration of the stag party - common 'banned words' include stag, drink, wedding, and the name of the bride-to-be. The list can be as long or as short as you like; every time someone says one of the banned words, they must either take a drink or perform an embarrassing forfeit as punishment. This game lasts the whole night - decide on the rules at the start of the party, then keep an ear out for violations!

  5. Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of actions, dares or achievements and hand a copy of this list to each member of the party. Each person must accomplish as many of these tasks as possible before the end of the night - when the party's over, tally everyone's achievements and give the loser (i.e. the person who completed the fewest tasks) an embarrassing forfeit as penance for their lameness! The tasks you choose for this game are entirely up to you - it could be anything from get a snog to swap underwear with another person or drink a pint in one go.
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'Sophistication' probably isn't the first word that springs to mind when you think about hen parties. But your pre-bridal bash doesn't have to be all willies and glitter; believe it or not, it is possible to have a hen do with a bit of class!

So let's forget the hunky strippers and the naughty games for just one moment. If you want your last night as a bachelorette to be a slightly more refined affair, here are a few hen party ideas that will suit you perfectly...


Classy ladies need classy fragrances, and what could be classier than perfume that you made yourself? We can send a professional perfumier (doesn't THAT sound like a great job?) to your location, where you will be taught how to design and create your very own unique fragrance. Will you create a fruity citrus scent? Or maybe something soft and oriental? The possibilities are endless!

Wine tasting

We don't doubt that you'll be enjoying the odd glass of vino on your hen night anyway, but if you really want to up your party's posh factor, then a professionally-led wine/champagne tasting workshop is the way to go. Anyone can drink wine, but only the truly sophisticated know how to taste it.

Life drawing class

Okay, you've caught us - we couldn't resist smuggling a naked man into this list! Still, life drawing is far classier than any strip show; this is ART, ladies, and you're going to learn how it's done. The model will even critique your efforts once you've put down your pencil!

Need some more inspiration? Click here to see more hen party ideas, or contact us to book one of these activities for yourself.
Entertain-ment is your one-stop shop for the best hen party ideas and activities, and have a great activity to suit any style of hen party. Traditionally, hen nights are filled with pampering, fancy dress and plastic penis memorabilia - but not all hens will be satisfied with a girly massage for their last night of freedom. We asked Rebecca from hen party accessories website HenStuff to talk us through some alternative hen party ideas for cheeky hen parties - hen parties where the hen is a little more open to ideas which are perhaps a little outside the 'traditional' box.

They call it your last night of freedom. Your last hurrah before you settle down to a truly adult and grown up life. Of course, that's not to say at all that you stop having fun - and it's most definitely not to say that you stop having crazy nights out with your girlfriends, however, a hen party is most definitely a defiant salute to your perhaps wilder, pre-marriage days.

It's the one night where it's completely socially acceptable to ogle the opposite sex, to hoot, laugh and cheer and get obscenely drunk, and to brandish an arm full of inflatable willies. If you're planning a hen party and your Bride to Be is a cheeky character who's wild and full of fun, then why not consider some of these alternative hen party ideas that are just guaranteed to get the whole party giggling?

There's no two ways about it - drag acts are a hoot. These gorgeous and sassy women (sort of) can provide an evening full of entertainment and help celebrate an impending wedding in true style. A drag act can provide some dirty jokes, fabulous routines and guaranteed sing-along performances, so what more could you possibly want?

So getting a stripper for a hen party is an old tradition right? It's been tried, tested - and trust me when I say it's blummin' marvellous. We've also seen hen party life drawing classes - a combination of art and naked men; total winner. Paint My Hunk however, is a revolutionary hen party activity that combines these two things - a naked man that you actually draw on and decorate them. I don't think I need to persuade you any more than that to make it sound great.

Perhaps the most alternative suggestion on this list, hen night dwarf hire is definitely an unusual hen party activity. However, thanks to Entertain-ment, you can party the night away with your own little guy, guaranteed to secure you the best hen party ever. They will happily dress up in whichever outfit you'd prefer and are always up for a giggle - a truly worthy companion for your hen do. 

So there you have it - there are my picks for 3 truly alternative hen party activities that will unite your hens and Bride to be in laughter and fun, as you giggle the night away, sipping on a cocktail or twelve. 

After you've booked your alternative hen party activity, make sure you grab your hen party accessories from www.henstuff.co.uk - we even personalise t-shirts too!