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Hair of the Dog isn't always the answer but these hit the spot and will pick up back up after a crazy hen weekend in Glasgow.

2. Juice Garden

Drinking on a Sunday not your thing maybe a good detox drink? A great spot for fresh food and beautiful juices to cleanse your body after a hen do.

3. Indian Spa 

How about a detox spa afternoon with yoga and meditation this will sort your sore head out after your hen weekend in Glasgow. 

The mother of the bride is a key player in most weddings. But does that mean she should be invited to the hen party?

This is a question that a lot of brides struggle with, and obviously, the answer will be different for everyone. It depends on how well you get on with your mum, and on the old girl's threshold for lewd hen party antics - for example, can you really picture your ma sipping Sex on the Beach through a willy-shaped straw? Or hooting at an oiled-up stripper as he tears off his trousers?

"Oh, my stars! It's almost as big as your father's!"

Clearly, a bachelorette party with mum has the potential to turn awkward very quickly. But let's not write her off yet; after all, if party suppliers bother to stock those 'Mother of the Bride' sashes, surely some people manage to integrate their mothers into their hen parties without incident?

We reckon that the hen party activities are the key. You have to choose your entertainment carefully if you want your bash to stay mum-friendly; steer clear of strippers and opt instead for activities that you'd actually be happy to share with the woman who birthed you.

Examples of mum-friendly hen night activities:

  • Cookery Workshops: Learning to bake is a great nudity-free use of your hen weekend, and there are loads of different classes to choose from, including cupcake workshops, chocolate making classes, and even pizza making sessions.

  • Perfume Making Classes: If you're not hungry, why not try creating your own fragrance? You, your mother, and the rest of the girls will love learning all about different scents and how to blend them together!

  • Tasteful Nudity: If you simply can't resist inviting a scantily-clad bloke to your hen do, there are ways to do this without offending your mother (or feeling embarrassed when she gets a little too into it). For example, why not try a life drawing class? It's a lot more culturally wholesome than a standard strip-show, and you'll still get to enjoy the sight of a sexy naked man.
Of course, if you're one of those girls who can't imagine a hen do without a stripper and a truckload of willy-shaped accessories, then the answer to your question is pretty obvious: no, don't invite your mum!

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Strippers are a stag night staple. Many men consider them essential to the bachelor party experience; for some, a stag do without a stripper isn't really a stag do at all.

Of course, this isn't really the case - there are loads of ways to have fun on your last weekend as a single fella without witnessing any nudity whatsoever. To help you decide whether or not strippers are the right choice for your stag do, we've compiled this handy list of pros and cons:


  • We'll get the obvious one out of the way first: you get to see a sexy lady taking off her clothes for your enjoyment. If you don't understand why that's a pro, you probably don't need to read the rest of this article.
  • It might be your best chance to enjoy a live strip show. Strip clubs aren't for everyone, and hiring a stripper of your own is a great way to enjoy a performance without actually having to visit a specialist venue.
  • It's an easy way to give the groom a good time. If you're organising your mate's stag party and you're struggling to think of a good way to spend the evening, a strip show is usually a pretty safe bet. We suspect that most straight men would be perfectly happy with that party!


  • Not everyone is comfortable with strippers. Before you book a stripper for your stag party, it's a good idea to check that all attendees are happy with your choice of entertainment. Some guys object to the idea of strippers (for a variety of different reasons), while others are simply too shy for this full-on experience.

  • Of course, even if all of the men are on board, you still have to factor in their wives and girlfriends. If you want to save your mates the hassle of a post-party domestic, you should probably run your plans by their other halves before booking anything.
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Hen party

Since the hen do is supposed to be your last chance to party as a single lady before tying the knot, it should technically take place on the night before your wedding. However, for obvious reasons, this practice is becoming less and less common; anything can happen on a hen night, and it's not a good idea to schedule all of those drinks, dares, and shenanigans so close to the ceremony itself.

Here are three reasons why:
  • You'll be hungover for your big day. You won't feel too beautiful walking up the aisle if you've still got vodka shakes from the previous night.

  • You might hurt yourself during the party. We all know somebody who's injured themselves on a drunken night out, and you don't want that to happen to you mere hours before you're due to say your vows.

  • You might not wake up where you expected. We're not suggesting that you're going to go home with somebody else behind your fiancé's back, but the bed of a stranger is just one of the many places a sloshed bride-to-be might end up after her bachelorette party. Even if you innocently decide to crash on your maid of honour's sofa instead of getting a taxi back to your place, waking up in the wrong place on your wedding day will make it that much harder to get ready for the ceremony in time.
So, if not the night before, when? Here are our recommendations...

For a hen night...

If your bachelorette party is a one-night-only affair, you're probably safe to leave it until, say, a week before the wedding. This will give you plenty of time to recover and, if necessary, catch a train back from wherever you manage to end up afterwards.

For a hen weekend...

Going away for a long weekend with the girls? In that case, it might be wise to give yourself a little more time (a fortnight, for example) before the wedding proper. Not only will this extra time save your bacon in the unlikely event that you get stranded, it will give you ample time to sort out any drama that arises over the course of the weekend. You don't want to get married with one less bridesmaid than planned because you and Gemma fell out in the club, do you?

For a hen holiday...

If you're going abroad for your hen do, you'll probably want to do it a full month or so ahead of the wedding. As above, this will cover any unforeseen circumstances and inter-group aggro, AND it will give your pals a bit of time to save up for the drinks they'll be knocking back at your wedding. The troopers.

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Joint hen and stag do

So, you want to have a joint hen and stag party?

Good for you! 'Hag' parties are becoming quite commonplace nowadays, and if you and your betrothed are friends with all the same people, divvying them up by gender and heading off for two separate adventures may seem like a pretty daft thing to do.

Joint parties are particularly popular within unevenly-gendered friendship groups. For example, if the bride and groom have twelve male friends and only four female friends, it's not fair to take away two thirds of the bride's entourage and send them away for a legendary lads' weekend with the groom, dooming her to something far more low-key.

So a hag party it is, then! Forget about splitting everyone up - book a venue, plan some activities, and invite EVERYONE to join in the fun!

Joint Hen & Stag Do Ideas

Now that you've settled on a joint do, it's time to decide how you're going to spend it. It should go without saying that some 'traditional' forms of hen/stag entertainment are inappropriate for a unisex event; for example, the groom may not appreciate being waited upon by a buff butler, just as the average bride probably wouldn't want any topless waitresses on the guest list.

Of course, it's not unheard of for couples to attend strip clubs together - you may even wish to end your joint party by receiving a 'couple's dance' from a sexy stripper. By and large, though, it's better to stick to slightly less risqué activities - here are some ideas:

Pretty much everybody - male, female, whatever - loves chocolate. A chocolate-making class is a great activity for any combination of people; not only will you get to fill your faces with tasty treats, you'll actually learn how to make those treats yourself. Trust us, chocolate tastes even better when you're eating your own work!

Stand-Up Comedy
Like chocolate, live comedy is a pastime that knows no gender. If you and your pals love to laugh, why not hire a professional stand-up and get them to entertain the lot of you while you drink yourselves stupid?

Speaking of which...

If you're going to spend your bachelor(ette) party guzzling down vino, you may as well learn to do it properly. It may seem like the sort of thing that only middle-aged, middle-class people do, but don't worry - you don't need a pair of red trousers to enjoy the finer aspects of red wine!

Need more hag do ideas? Why not hire a limousine, learn the art of cocktail making, or relax with a mobile massage?