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Winter is now well and truly out of the way so it's that time of year when weddings are coming thick and fast. 

If you've been given the task of organising the ultimate hen party, then have no fear as we give you all you need to know to ensure this hen party is talked about for years to come. 

Here goes!

1. Don’t just stick to the same old

Gone are the days when there are just a few options for hen parties. The opportunities are endless, from burlesque dancing to dwarf hire, there is something for everyone.

Try to get a sense of what the bride would be looking for. Ask her what she loved and hated about other hens - best to know what kind of thing she'd enjoy. Also, remember that you are probably organising for a diverse group so select activities accordingly.

3 hours of dancing might not be the ideal selection for the bride’s 75 year old grandmother!

2. Plan, plan and plan some more

The best hen parties are well planned and planned in advance.

Getting everyone to agree to a date can often be quite a challenge so the earlier you get started the better.Once the guest list has been confirmed get straight onto sending out the 'Save the Date' cards so that the guests can book the time off work etc. Get this done as early as possible, to ensure your bride gets the attendance that she deserves.

Also, bear in mind that in the most popular cities, hotels can quickly lose availability for large groups so again, book in advance.

3. Have lots of game ideas

What’s a hen party without some hen games?

There is an endless list of games that can be played on the night so as long as you know the hen will be up for it get some fun games planned. For some super naughty hen party games check out this recent blog post.

4. Build in some contingency 

Most people set a budget for hen parties so be assured you will be getting lots of phone calls and emails asking about costs. Always allow for a small cushion by adding £10-£20 to everyone's costs. 

Of course if it's not needed then it’s going to buy some extra drinks and who is going to complain about that?

5. Don’t forget the transport

Whatever you do as part of the planning make sure you organise the transport. Whether taxi, minibus or airplane, get it booked and included in the budget. If you really want to travel in style then why not book our limo or party bus – now that will get you in the good books! 

Getting the transport booked and paid for in advance will make sure it’s easier to keep the whole group together and reduce the risk of losing any guests. It does happen – trust us!

6. On the day, encourage pace

This is particularly important if you are out for the whole day or weekend. You don’t want the bride or anyone else to be intoxicated by lunch time. If there is plenty of activities planned for the evening you don’t want all your hard work and planning to go to waste. 

If possible try and fit in some down time for eating and re-hydrating.

7. Have fun!

This is more important than anything else.

You want the bride to remember her hen party for the rest of her life and she will if it’s centred on fun. Here at Entertain-ment we can ensure this happens with our range of hen activities.

As you plan the perfect hen party take a look at all we have on offer on our website as we help you plan the hen party to beat all hen parties!

So What makes a good female tribute performer

1. building a good image
2. Great singing vocals similar to singer 
3. Amazing costumes you can't do a Madonna tribute without the purple leotard your wouldn't make a good aim tribute without the big beehive. 
4. Strong positive women what else
5. You most know all the lyrics to all the singers songs 


When you hear the word nightlife, you are often greeted by a vision of neon-lit bars and clubs with the hustle and bustle of those out celebrating. The reality is that Birmingham offers more than enough bars and clubs to keep even those with specific tastes satisfied.  Broad Street offers fans of dance music the iconic Gatecrasher club, whereas Southside introduces patrons to Moroccan-themed bars such as Bambu.

Of course, bars and night clubs aren’t to everyone’s liking, regardless of how renowned they are. Fear not, as the great city of Birmingham is able to offer even more choice for your next nocturnal venture. If you’re out looking for something to eat, why not partner it with a comedy experience? The Glee club is famed for its high-end comedians and delicious food, and has even hosted nights featuring some of the UK’s biggest comics, such as Jimmy Carr and Russell Howard.

Those whose tastes stray more towards live music are also spoilt for choice. There are a number of dedicated music venues within Birmingham that strive to present music lovers with both established acts and upcoming artists.

Alfie Birds offer music fans a robust line-up, as well as a delicious menu. Similarly, if you like your music a little more edgy, then you may want to check out Eddie’s Rocks, Birmingham’s famed rock-themed music venue.

As you can see, Birmingham is a city that can offer a number of different activities and venues to a large demographic of visitors. Whether you’re looking for a day out with a difference, or you’re looking to celebrate your wedding in style, Birmingham really is the gift the keeps on giving. 


Escape Live offers those in attendance a team-building exercise with its focus on fun. Parties are held within a room, and must find a way to escape within 60 minutes. 

There are two rooms available. The first centres on Dr Wilson’s office, where you and your friends must find out who the suspect is that is threatening the life of Dr Wilson. The second room sees you and your friends try and help the imprisoned Amy escape Room 13 before it consumes her.

An excellent experience that’s guaranteed to be one that bestows memories and humour in abundance.