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Male Strippers Abroad


So you’re planning your hen party abroad, and everything is almost perfect. You’ve packed your bags, the forecast is stunning, and all the girls are ready for the best weekend ever...but there’s still something missing. All good hen parties need a stripper, and just because you’re planning your do abroad doesn’t mean you have to miss out this key ingredient. In fact it’s perfect! Just think about it: when the days are hot and the nights are hotter, who could say no to stripping down?

Wherever you’re jetting off to for your hen weekend, we’ve got it covered. We’ve got male strippers in Ibiza, Malia, Aiya Napa, Benidorm, Magaluf, Tenerife, Budapest, and loads more places. Just let us know where you’re going and we’ll do our best to get a stripper to you. 

Our magnificent male strippers love a good beach holiday, and they’re ready to join your party and strip for the bride-to-be. Our strippers can arrive at your party wherever and whenever you choose – just tell us the venue, or alternatively let us suggest one for you. We can arrange everything you need and our strippers are hotter than the beach holiday sun! 

So if you want sexy stunners stripping at your hen weekend abroad, look no further.


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