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Hen Party Life Drawing Bristol


Do you pick the life drawing models in Bristol? 

Your life drawing model for your Bristol hen party will be a professional, experienced in the art of posing naked! All our life drawing models are blessed with toned bodies and pleasing dispositions. We use tried and tested models who know what to expect from a hen party life drawing class and how to put everyone in the mood for a relaxed and fun experience. Your model will be chosen for you and will be in full possession of the skills needed to best show off his buff body! All you need to do is arrive with your guests ready for this unique hen party experience and let your model do the rest. So get ready to sketch the best bodies Bristol has! 

What does the nude life drawing model do during the session? 

Your nude life drawing model is an expert in the art of getting naked and posing for your delight. But there’s more to a professional life drawing model than just stripping off and flexing his muscles. Life drawing models are professionals and they know how best to arrange themselves to be drawn. It might sound like a simple thing, but standing in the right position and tensing the right muscle is very important! Life drawing models for hen parties are especially good at keeping the fun element in their work. Your model can offer advice and encouragement while you draw, or just stand and look amazing if you prefer! Once the drawings are all done you’ll have the chance to properly meet your model and chat, have photos taken and even get his opinion on your art!

Never been to Bristol before, fab place for a hen do, weekend was really fun, hen had a whale of a time, thank you.
My sister had the best weekend! We all enjoyed all the activities, thanks again to your team for being so patient with us!
Fantastic time, life drawing was a laugh and the cocktail making was much more fun than I thought it was going to be!
That life drawing model was hot!!!! I think I perfected the "look as though your drawing whilst you are just fantasizing" look.

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