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Hen Party Life Drawing Edinburgh


Still life drawing class in Edinburgh for a hen weekend 

Edinburgh’s college of art is one of the best places to study the subject in the UK, and you could be part of that experience...well, ok, maybe not, but if you’re planning your hen party in this historic city you can certainly take the theme of art and have some fun with it. A hen party in Edinburgh will be about bars, bagpipes and bonny kilt-wearing boys. It will include whiskey, walking the golden mile and wearing tartan. But it can be about much more than that. If you book a life drawing class in Edinburgh for your hen party you’ll be getting a taste of the art world and more importantly, a sneak peak at what Scottish men really do have hidden under their kilts! 

What is a life drawing lesson like for a hen party? 

A life drawing class for a hen party is an hour long session where you and your hens will take up your pads and pencils and sketch a contoured naked man! You’ll have a drink and spend some time considering the body of the nude model in front of you, and after careful consideration, you’ll have a go at drawing him. It doesn’t matter what your level of artistic talent is, or whether you have any interest in art at all, the emphasis in a life drawing class for a hen party is firmly on fun. You can discuss how you might interpret the male nude artistically...or just marvel at the perfect body as he poses for you. When you’ve created your masterpieces you can share your work with each other, and with your model as he puts some clothes on and has a chat.

What a brilliant idea! So glad we did this!
Booking was so easy and the hen do went brilliantly, your help made it all fit perfectly together.
Really different activity for a hen do that I thoroughly recommend, Edinburgh is a great place to go as well, amazing buzz at night.
What I liked most about this class was that both Mums who were there really enjoyed it, they said they are going to look into drawing lessons now!

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