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Bollywood Hen Party Dance Class Blackpool


Can you book a Bollywood dance class in the city centre of Blackpool? 

The bright lights of Blackpool, city of cabaret and showbiz. The glitz and glamour of the tower top ballroom and the pier shows. Blackpool, show-town, is perfect for the high energy and bright colours of Bollywood. Yes, you can book a Bollywood dance class in the centre of Blackpool. Blackpool has some fantastic venues, perfect for dance sessions, and it has the attitude to go with it. When you book a Bollywood dance class in Blackpool you’re getting a taste of what it’s like to be on that stage. You’ll learn the moves and how to pose like a movie star. You’ll also learn some simple routines and put them into practise as a group. A Bollywood dance class is something everyone in your party can enjoy and have a go at. So, feel like you’re part of the business in Blackpool and make like a Bollywood beauty! 

What is Bollywood dancing? 

Bollywood dancing is the name used to describe the traditional Indian dancing you see in Bollywood films. Bollywood films are mostly musicals and use a lot of dancers as part of telling a story. Indian dancing has changed over the years and modern Bollywood dance includes lots of influences from all over the world, but at its heart this is a traditional Indian dance. Whether you’ve seen any Bollywood films or not, you’ll know the basics of what this style of dance is. The hand gestures and atmosphere of Bollywood dance are very famous and it won’t take you long to feel the beat and get into the spirit of it at Bollywood dance classes Blackpool. Bollywood dance is something you might never have tried before, but it’s infectious and captivating. You and your hens are going to love it at your Bollywood hen party Blackpool!

Bollywood Dancing in Blackpool Gallery

Went to Blackpool as a kid and loved it, came back for my hen weekend 20 years later and loved it even more! Will recommend you to everyone!
Wonderful time had by all, thanks Entertain-ment.
Such a fab time, loved all of it, will recommend you in the future!
Cheers Entertain-ment! My friends all want to come back to Blackpool for more activities and laughs and we shall defo be booking with you!

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