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Bollywood Hen Party Dance Class Bournemouth


What to wear for Bollywood dance classes in Bournemouth? 

Bournemouth by the sea is a town famous for its incredible stretch of sandy beach and its beautiful sea views. You’re more likely to be wearing swimwear by day (depending on the season) and party-wear by night. For your Bollywood dance class, though, you might want to re-think your outfit! You don’t have to arrive dressed like an Indian princess...unless you really want to, and there’s no set get-up that’s best to get down in at Bollywood dance classes Bournemouth. But this is a dance class and you want to be comfortable to move around in. Something simple like leggings, or shorts, and a T shirt is fine. As long as you’re comfortable and flexible, that’s all that matters. We usually take the class in bare feet to be traditional, but pumps or trainers are also fine. 

What are the key benefits of Bollywood dance classes for hen parties? 

The key benefit of having a Bollywood dance class for your hen party is it’s loads of fun. But it’s a lot more than that. A Bollywood dance class can open you up to a brand new style of dance you’ve never tried before. For many, it will be an introduction to a cultural dance they know very little about. It’s a group activity so everyone in your party can join in and enjoy it. A dance class will bring together any of those hens who’ve never met before at your Bollywood hen party Bouremouth. It’s a great ice-breaker. Bollywood dancing is also a great form of exercise, so if you were looking for a new way to keep fit, this could be it!

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Thanks for such a great hen weekend in bournemouth. Your entertainment was FAB.
I gave Entertain-Ment a really hard task of booking a 25 people hen do with ages from 25-85!! They did not let me down once! Loved Bournemouth, the dance class was epic! So well organised!
Kayla McGrath
Every moment from this weekend will be treasured, thanks guys.
I love Bournemouth!!! Using you again next month to organise another do!!

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