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Bollywood Hen Party Dance Class London


What are Bollywood dance classes for hen parties in London? 

Bollywood dance classes London are all about having fun. If you want something different as party of your hen do and you feel like getting in touch with your inner Indian princess, a Bollywood dance class is just the thing. In this cosmopolitan city Bollywood dance is vibrant and grounded. You’ll learn some moves and feel like you’re on the set of Bride and Prejudice, before heading out into big city London to shop, take in some fine dining, a few bars and who knows what else. London has so much to offer you’ll be spoilt for choice, but your Bollywood dance class is one thing that stands on its own. Where else can you can you feel like a Bollywood movie star while having a few laughs with your mates? 

What Bollywood dance routines do you learn during the class? 

There will be some Bollywood dance routines you’re familiar with and some you aren’t. Some you’ll have seen when watching films or clips on TV, and some you’ve never seen before. Bhangra is perhaps the most well-known style of Bollywood Dance in the UK. Odds on you’ll have seen this done, even if you didn’t know its name. But even if you’ve never seen this one before, don’t worry, your dance tutors are there to explain and give demonstrations. You’ll also learn some lesser known routines like Bharatanatyam and Kathak and you’ll also find out how hip hop and jazz has influenced modern Bollywood and how new styles are changing it all the time. But if all you know is twisting the light bulb and patting the dog, you don’t need to worry. This is a fun class and you’ll come out knowing more than you did when you went in to Bollwood dance classes London!

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I loved my big weekend! I did everything from life drawing, turns out I'm a bit of an artist, to burlesque dancing, not my calling in life but loved it!!! I felt special, sexy and just happy to be out with the girls!
Lu Perry

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