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Cheeky Butlers Bournemouth


looking for a cheeky buff butler in Bournemouth? 

Beach, baking summers and buff bum butlers, Bournemouth’s got it all. If you’re looking for a cheeky butler in Bournemouth for your hen party, the guys are practising their skills and waiting for you right now. Our semi-naked butlers will arrive at the venue of your choice, be that a hotel, restaurant or your own home, and perform their duties with style. Buff bum butlers are a sophisticated and classy choice for your hen do. Not a stripper, but still with enough saucy fun to get the giggles going. Cheeky butlers will serve your food and mix your drinks. They’ll greet your guests and play party games if you wish. They’re even good conversationalists, provided you can take your eyes off their biceps that is! 

Can my cheeky butler in Bournemouth just be topless? 

When you book a cheeky butler in Bournemouth you’ll be faced with a few choices. The guys are all gorgeous and physically fit, but hard as it is, a choice has to be made. You’ll also need to decide just what it is you want them to do when they arrive at your hen party. Cheeky butlers mainly serve food and mix cocktails, but you can also request that they play party games with you and your guests. Perhaps the most important decision you’ll have to make though, is what your buff butler will be wearing. Butlers usually wear collars and cuffs, but the rest is really up to you. They can be in their boxers or wearing a bum revealing apron. But if you want the experience to be a little more classy, your butler can be purely topless. He can keep his trousers on, girls, if that’s what you’d like, and don’t worry, his top half will be enough to get the party going!

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We all enjoyed our butler, Bournemouth is the best city ever for hens, we were welcomed everywhere.
I have so many pics of my mum with our butler, cant wait to show them all on Facebook! So much choice on your site!!
Recommended you to loads of friends already!
The cheeky butler idea was the best!! I thought he would be too in your face but he was so relaxed and we all enjoyed him!

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