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Cheeky Butlers Brighton


How to book a cheeky butler in Brighton 

Booking your cheeky butler in Brighton couldn’t be easier. Cheeky butlers can attend you at your choice of venue, whether that’s at your own home, restaurant or hotel. As long as the venue allows it, your cheeky butler will oblige. This swinging seaside town is right up there when it comes to partying, and buff butlers are only too happy to help. Once you know how many guests will be at your hen do, the date and time you want your cheeky butler to arrive, and what duties you want him to perform, all that’s left to decide on is which butler you want. It’ll be a tough decision, as all our buff butlers are handsome hunks, but we know you’re up to the challenge! 

vow cheeky is a cheeky butler? 

Cheeky butlers are semi-naked sexy men who will attend to your every need during their time at your hen party. We’re talking serving food and mixing drinks here, ladies! Your buff butler will be muscly with model looks and a pleasing line in conversation. But just how cheeky is a cheeky butler? There is a slight variation in outfits, but as the outfits are very skimpy, the variations are slight! Your butler will wear a collar and cuffs. Some will wear boxers, some are merely topless, and the cheekiest of all will wear a bare butt showing apron. Now that’s cheek! Just how cheeky you want your butler to be is up to you, but if you want ‘cheeks out’ the butler apron will certainly please.

Cheeky Butler Hire in Brighton Gallery

Seriously, Brighton is the place for hens! We made cocktails and had a butler, what more could you want?!
Loved all of it, thank you Entertain-ment xx
I can hardly remember anything from our weekend, which means it was fab!!!!!
Service from your team was superb. Recommending.

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