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Cheeky Butlers Dublin


How hairy are cheeky butlers in Dublin? 

Most cheeky buff butlers are well groomed, toned and smooth. Our cheeky butlers pride themselves on their appearance and they aim to please. Your butler will be muscly and he knows how to take care of himself. He keeps himself manicured and always wants to look his best. Because your semi-naked butler will be showing quite a lot of his body off, he does usually keep himself waxed, with attention to detail. Of course, for any hens out there who like a more rugged , hairy look on a man you can always request this and we’ll see what we can do! 

If we hire a cheeky butler can he come to a private house? 

When you hire a cheeky butler you are given some choice in what he wears, what his duties will be and where he’ll be attending to you. Lots of hens do like their buff butler to perform his duties in their homes, maybe while you and your guests get ready for the rest of your night out, or maybe earlier in the day. Cheeky butlers are happy to travel to private houses and wait on you there. One of the benefits of having your buff butler serve you in your home is that he can be there to greet your guests and once he’s served your food and fixed your drinks he’ll even do the washing up!

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So wish I had used you for organising my hen night, choice of stuff to do is amazing, so simple as well x
Cheeky Butler was a bit late but we were told and offered a round of drinks to keep us busy. Thats great service in my books!
The whole process of organising the hen night was so smooth, really impressed.
The dance class, the cheeky butler, the club, everything was spot on. Thank you.

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