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Beer Wenches Brighton


How can stag party beer wenches make your stag night in Brighton extra special? 

No one wants the same boring old pub crawl round Brighton anymore. You want something different, something no one else has for their stag party in Brighton. You want girls in costume, serving your drinks all night. You want your very own Oktoberfest right there in this quirky city by the sea. Brighton has all the sights and sounds to make heads turn. If you’re having your stag do in Brighton you’ll find nothing you can think of is too out of the ordinary in this wild party town. But with beer wenches in tow for your stag do beer wench Brighton, you’ll have something no one else has. You’ll have your very own Bavarian serving girls. Your beer maids will make your stag party extra special by taking on the hassle of fighting through crowds and standing at the bar for you. They’ll take your order and they’ll fetch your drinks for you. And they’ll do it all in sexy beer wench costumes! 

Do you provide the outfit for the beer maids? 

When you book beer maids for your stag party you’re booking a hassle free night out with your mates. You don’t need to worry about anything, you don’t need to lift a finger all night, and you don’t have to give a thought to the costumes. Your beer wenches will arrive in their outfits, which are provided by us. Your beer maids will be wearing sexy skimpy beer maid costumes and high heels. Think tavern babes. Think beer sloshing buxom beauties fetching your beer. Think Oktoberfest! All you have to do is turn up and get ready for a night of being waited on hand and foot by our sexy, beer loving wenches. So get ready to turn some heads in the bars on your stag night, our beer wenches are going to make it extra special with a beer wench Brighton.

Wicked weekend with the lads! Took far less organising than I thought! Thanks for your help.
A beer wench was the best idea we had! She was funny had an amazing body, knew Brighton well and got a bit merry with us!
I reckon beer wenches will be more popular than strippers on stag dos soon, they are with you nearly the whole night and interact loads, Well worth the money and you get a great night for the amount you pay.
Wish I had known beer wenches were available in my younger days! As the old man of the group there was only so much I could do activity wise, the beer wench was definitely something I could join in with!