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Beer Wenches Cardiff


Can the beer maids organise a bar crawl for our stag party in Cardiff? 

Cardiff is a serious party town with a wild nightlife. If you’re having your stag do in this busy Welsh capital, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to your bar crawl. But why take on the hassle of organising your own pub crawl when someone else can do it for you? And if that someone else just happens to be sexy beer wenches in costume who’ll lead you around the best bars in town and fetch all your drinks for you, so much the better! Yes, boys, our buxom Bavarian beauties can organise your bar crawl for you and they can be with you the whole way through, serving your beer and fetching your ale. Our beer maids know all the best bars in Cardiff and they probably know all the bar staff too! These Welsh wonders will have an itinerary all planned out. They take you to the best pubs in town, take your drinks order and then fetch your beers from the bar. All you have to do is concentrate on having a great time with a stag do beer wench Cardiff! 

Can we decide on which beer wenches we would like to attend for our stag do? 

Our beer wenches are all gorgeous girls with a love of beer. Our ale girls all wear traditional Bavarian beer wench Cardiff outfits and high heels. These stunners are sexy and they really know their beer. They’re experts in carrying trays without spilling a drop and they know all the best bars in town to take you to and fetch you your beer. Our girls are all buxom beauties, but if you want to hand-pick your beer wenches for your stag do, that’s not a problem. Just have a look through our online galleries and you’ll soon see what a tough choice you’ve got on your hands. With such bubbly beer beauties, we wouldn’t want to be the ones having to choose. But when you’ve made your choice just let us know who you’d like to be fetching your ale on your stag do and we’ll do the rest.


I am a bit of a stag do pro, my organisation doesn't even compare to yours though!! All went smoothly, I wouldn't have thought of half the activities you gave us and doubt I would have been able to get them for the same price either! Thank you for all of your help.
Cardiff and a beer wench was the perfect combination to send our stag off into the darkness of married life! He wont be forgetting the weekend in a hurry!
Wanted to thank you quickly for a really great weekend, all of your help was very appreciated.
I was really worked up about having to organise my mates stag. You sorted all of it for me and I hardly did a thing!! Thank you, recommending you to anyone else organising a stag.