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Beer Wenches Bristol


Can we book beer maids for the whole day in Bristol? 

If you’re having your stag do in Bristol there’s a lot to get through. This busy city knows how to party and your stag weekend is going to be long and wild. We know you’re likely to need some help on your stag do in Bristol. After all, there’s a lot of ground to cover, a lot of bars to visit and a lot of beer to consume. But never fear, we’ve got just the girls to help with this. Our beer maids know all the best bars in town and they can plan out your whole day. Yes, lads, if you want some high class beauties to take charge and run your stag do, our beer wenches can handle it. They’ll draw up your itinerary and then lead you around the best bars in Bristol. They’ll take your drinks order and they’ll go back and forth to the bar for you. Serving beer is their speciality and they’ll do this for the whole day if that’s what you desire! 

What do beer wenches do? 

Beer wenches are all about the beer. These girls just love it. Ales, stouts, lagers, you name it, if it’s beer they want to serve it to you. But it’s not just beer your wenches are happy to serve to you. They’ll serve whatever drinks you order, even if it’s a diet coke, they’ll still serve it with a flash of their brilliant smiles and a swing of their hips. Beer wenches have many talents. They’re great planners and if you want them to organise your pub crawl for you, they know all the best bars in town and can draw up an itinerary. Then they’ll lead you around the town in their traditional beer wench Bristol outfit and high heels. Inside the bars you don’t need to do a thing, your beer wenches will take your order and go to the bar for you. They’ll carry your drinks on trays and serve them to you at your table. Beer wenches are the perfect accompaniment to your stag do. They look great and they love beer. What could be better than a stag do beer wench Bristol?

Bristol was the best weekend we have all been on in ages. Would explain more, but what happens in Bristol, stays in Bristol!
My stag was a complete success thanks to you guys. The beer wench was awesome and I really liked the other activities too. Thank you for your help along the way.
Stag was insistent on no strippers so the beer wench was a great alternative! He was pleased and she gave us a really good night out!
Thanks for a really good weekend, was a great time and went exactly as planned, thank you.