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Beer Wenches Glasgow


What is a beer wench for a stag party in Glasgow? 

Beer wenches are hot girls in sexy beer wench Glasgow outfits who fetch your ale and serve your drinks at your table. These glorious Glasgow girls will arrive dressed like their German beer girl sisters and they’ll keep your ale flowing all night. Glasgow centre is full of bars and choosing where to go and how to get there is a job best left to the experts. But don’t worry, our Oktoberfest lasses have it covered. These girls know where all the best bars are and they know how to plan your night so that you spend less time walking from pub to pub and more time downing your beer. Your beer wenches will look amazing in their sexy tavern costumes and high heels. They’re expert at arranging your pub crawl and they know how to get served fast when they step up to the bar. Beer wenches in Glasgow are hot, fun and they just love beer! 

How to book a beer wench for a stag party 

Booking your stag do beer wench Glasgow for your stag party couldn’t be easier. Have ready the date and time you want your beer wenches to arrive and how many girls you want. You can book your beer maids to be with you at your stag do for as little time or as long as you like. Whether it’s an evening pub crawl round the city centre, a couple of hours partying in your own home before you go out, or a whole day of drinking ale with your Bavarian beauties, our beer girls are there to make your party go with a bang. Depending on the size of your party and where it’s going to be, you might just want a couple of beer wenches, but if that’s not enough and you simply have to have more girls with trays of cold beer, just let us know how many you want. You can even take a look at our photo gallery and choose which beer beauties you want at your party.

The stag was really pleased with his send off, very happy with everything Entertain-ment did for us. Thank you.
We were all excited about having a beer wench wait on us all night and she certainly delivered!! What a great way to add to an evening! Thankyou!
Glasgow was a brilliant weekend, the activities that you helped us choose really complimented the evening as well, great shout on the beer wench!!
It was a superb weekend, rarely get to see all the lads now and we all needed a weekend like this. Perfect, thank you.