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Topless Waitresses Belfast


Booking a topless waitress in Belfast 

Your stag party in Belfast needs beer and babes. You want sexy beer maids and you want them topless. Never fear, boys, we have just what you need. Your weekend in this northern Ireland city of culture will be full of laughs and wild times. The best bars and an atmosphere like nowhere else, Belfast is a great destination for a stag party. But who wants to fetch their own beers on their stag do? You want gorgeous girls to do that for you, right? Our topless waitresses can be your serving girls, and they’re the eye candy too! These Belfast babes are professional waitresses with a difference – they don’t wear a whole lot of clothing! To book our topless totty topless wiatress Belfast all you have to do is have your date and venue ready. If you want us to arrange a venue for you, just ask. Our girls are mobile and can go wherever the party is! 

Can you touch a topless waitress? 

We know these girls look amazing. Topless waitresses in sexy little outfits, fetching your beers and fixing your snacks. We know it’s tough boys, but it’s eyes up and hands to yourselves. This is a ‘look but don’t touch’ experience with a stag do waitress Belfast. Our topless waitresses are sexy serving girls who can flirt with you and join in with your cheeky banter. They’ll play party games and provide the eye candy for you and your guests. They even do the washing up! These girls are hot and they’re there to wait on you hand and foot. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view. So, have a few beers without having to lift a finger. Have fun with a few party games and when you’re hungry our lovelies will run to the kitchen and fetch your snacks. You can just relax.

Topless Waitress in Belfast Gallery

This really adds a touch of class! Stunning woman who even did the washing up!! My Mrs. has a lot to live up to....
Great add on to the night! Really recommend getting a topless waitress! Ours was mega cheeky :)
Topless waitresses are awesome!! She looked stunning and had a good laugh with us too, she was part of the party instead of seeming to be just a paid for extra. Brilliant service.
Stunning! Made the stags night, cheers for your help with this.

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