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Topless Waitresses Manchester


What does a topless waitress do in Manchester? 

Your Mancunian lovelies will have cheeky smiles and more Manchester swag than you can imagine, and they’ll bring it all to your stag do waitress Manchester party. Topless waitresses in Manchester can arrive early at your party to welcome your guests. Just wait till you see the look on your mates’ faces when they see these bare-breasted beauties! Our girls can fix your drinks and serve your snacks at home before you hit the bars in Manchester or they can wait your table at the club. We all know how much Manchester lasses like having it large and these girls love a good party. They’ll play your party games, have some cheeky chat and banter with you, they’ll even tidy up at the end! Topless waitresses in Manchester are loads of fun and a great way to kick off your weekend! 

How many topless waitresses can I book? 

There’s no upper limit on the number of topless waitresses you can book, as long as you book a minimum of two for your topless waitress Manchester party. When it comes to thinking about how many semi-naked serving girls you want at your party, take into account the number of guests you’re expecting. Our girls are all professional waitresses and they’re handy with trays full of drinks and arms full of snacks, but even these girls only have two pairs of hands. If you want your party to run smoothly and the beer to keep flowing consider having a handful of serving girls to keep up with your demands. Our topless waitresses are all sexy stunners and who doesn’t want more of these girls around on their stag do? Just decide how many girls you want and then let us know.

A topless waitress is a great addition to any stag, she will make the night a bit more special, will use again, booking next week in fact!!
Brilliant, such a nice girl too. Thanks for getting back to me so fast on all my picky emails, appreciated.
I really enjoyed having a topless waitress at my stag, she was flirty and fun, great service.
Still surprised at the value for money!! Thought we would get a lot less for what we paid. Brilliant, thank you.

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