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Topless Waitresses Liverpool


Stag do ideas and topless waitresses in Liverpool 

We know you stags are all about the beer and the babes. You want lager and leggy lovelies. You want ale and ass. But what if you could have the two things together on your stag do? If you’re looking for good stag party ideas for your weekend in Liverpool, include topless waitresses and get the party off to a great start. Liverpool is a popular stag do destination. It has a wild nightlife and loads of history. Hang out at the cavern club and walk the same streets as the fab four. Then relax over a few beers with our hot topless waitresses fixing your drinks and fetching your snacks. There’s loads to do in Liverpool for your stag party, but if you want to set your stag do waitress Liverpool party apart from the others and give your guests something they’ll never forget, hire topless waitresses and sit back and admire the view! 

Can I choose what the topless waitress wears? 

Your topless waitresses won’t be wearing much at all, but what they are wearing can be picked by you. Yes, boys, you can request a particular outfit for your topless waitresses. It’ll be sexy and it’ll be skimpy and if you have something in mind just let us know. Typical topless waitress Liverpool outfits are sexy mini-skirts or waitress skirts and lingerie. Your semi-naked serving girl could be wearing stockings and suspenders with a pair of sexy knickers or you could go for the bottom half of a bunny girl. Our topless totty will be wearing high-heels and looking hot, whatever you choose. Have something more unusual in mind? Just ask and we’ll do our best to give you what you want.

The topless waitress service is superb, highly recommended.
She was gorgeous and had the stag wrapped around her finger! Great night, will recommend.
What we thought was going to be a tame night turned epic thanks to your lovely waitress! Highly recommend!!
I like the way you can choose your waitresses from the site, makes it all a bit more personal, great customer service in general too.

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