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Topless Waitresses Brighton


How many topless waitresses can I book in Brighton? 

How many topless waitresses you’ll want at your stag do in Brighton depends on how many guests you’ll have. There isn’t really an upper limit on the number of topless waitresses you can book, but you don’t want to be outnumbered! Your Brighton beach babes are expert at fixing your drinks and fetching your snacks and you don’t want too many girls in the kitchen at once. These girls are used to mixing cocktails like the best beach-bar waitresses and they can handle trays full of drinks and snacks. Topless waitresses like to work together and there is a minimum booking of two, but how many you go up from there is your choice. Think about how many guests you’ll have and then imagine our bare-breasted girls in your kitchen waiting on you hand and foot...that should give you a good idea for your stag do waitress Brighton party! 

What does a topless waitress wear? 

The quick answer to ‘what does a topless waitress Brighton wear?’ is – not very much! Your semi-naked serving girls will be semi-naked! More specifically, they will be naked from the waist up. What they wear on the bottom half can be your choice. Our topless waitresses might typically wear tight-fitting waitress style skirts or skimpy little mini skirts, but there are other options too. You can request that your bare-breasted beauties arrive in nothing more than sexy lingerie. They can wait on you in stockings and suspenders or bunny-girl knickers. If you have a specific idea of what you’d like your topless waitresses to wear just let us know. Our girls are very flexible and we’ll always do our best to get you what you want.

Gorgeous lady with a great attitude to the whole night! She was fun, flirty and got the whole evening going. Thanks for this great service.
I loved how easy it was to get everything sorted through you. Hassle free and a great weekend. Thank you.
Topless waitress adds another dimension to the whole evening! Will be booking again for my mates 40th in a few weeks time.
A topless waitress is just as good as a stripper if not better! There for thew hole evening it was like one long show but with much more interaction. Really enjoyable.

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