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Topless Waitresses Blackpool


Are there any topless waitresses in Blackpool? 

Blackpool, the Vegas of the UK, has every kind of entertainment you can think of. Showgirls and strippers are never hard to find, and if you want topless waitresses for your stag do in this northern party town, we’ve got them. Our Blackpool beauties are ready to attend your stag do waitress Blackpool party and wait on you hand and foot. They’ll serve your drinks and fetch your snacks, at your house or at the venue. Like everyone in show business in Blackpool, our semi-naked serving girls are professionals. Our experienced waitresses are like all other waitresses, but with one vital difference – our girls do it all topless! So, if you want some real Blackpool glitz and glam at your do, book your topless waitresses and get ready for the best stag party in town! 

What is a topless waitress? 

A topless waitress Blackpool is a sexy professional waitress who can attend your private party and serve you and your guests while semi-naked. Sound good? Well, it’s even better than that! Our topless totty can arrive at your party early to welcome your guests, just imagine their faces when they see what you’ve got lined up! These sexy stunners will fix your drinks and fetch your snacks, because who wants to get their own drinks on their stag do? Our bare-chested babes love a bit of flirty chat and banter, they’ll play your party games and they’ll even clear up after! And these gorgeous girls will do all that while wearing sexy lingerie or sexy waitress skirts, and absolutely nothing on top!

Gorgeous woman right on my doorstep! She was great, had loads of games to keep us entertained and a cracking figure. Will use again!!
Waitress provided was out of this world!! Great night, thank you.

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