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Burlesque Dance Classes Birmingham


How long is a burlesque dancing class in Birmingham? 

Your burlesque dance class in Birmingham will typically last around two hours. This gives you all plenty of time to watch your instructor give a demonstration and then have a go for yourselves. Your two hour burlesque class will be brimming with sexiness and you’ll learn how to be flirtatious as you peel away your layers and seductively strip. You’ll learn tips and tricks to really get your man in the mood as you express yourself and try out those sexy dance moves at our Burlesque hen party class Birmingham. But don’t worry, you won’t be spending a solid two hours in sex kitten mode. You’ll also have the chance for refreshments and some giggles with your friends as you consult each other on how you’re doing. It’ll be two hours of fun and saucy Brummie burlesque! 

What does a burlesque dancing instructor do? 

A burlesque dancing instructor is an experienced, professional dance tutor who can demonstrate moves and teach you all how to do it like the best. But what makes your burlesque dance tutor different to other dance tutors? The answer lies in her ability to turn on the sex kitten within herself and within all of you. A burlesque dance instructor won’t only teach you how to dance, she’ll teach you how to seduce and tease. From posing saucily to peeling away your clothes provocatively, your burlesque instructor will teach you how to get in touch with your sexy side and use what you’ve got to drive your man wild with desire! Burlesque is all about sophistication and classy, elegant sexiness. Your instructor will show you what that’s all about!

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Will so use you again! Excellent service!
Bring it on! After this class feel like I can take on the world!
All was as it should be. Can't believe how many ideas you have for a fab hen!
Nothing was left out! I loved my time in Birmingham, great place for a dirty weekend :)

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