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Burlesque Dance Classes Bournemouth


Bournemouth burlesque dancing workshop 

Burlesque dancing workshops are about learning how to put a bit of performance into your love life. Your workshop will include some demonstrations of classic burlesque moves and some pointers on how to seduce your man. If you’re having your hen do in Bournemouth you’ll most likely be taking advantage of the town’s spas, shopping and sandy beach. But a burlesque workshop can put something different into your hen do. This classic art form of dance and seduction is great fun to include in your hen weekend. You and your fellow hens will love learning how to tease and tempt your fellas. And the groom is in for a real surprise on his wedding night! 

What is burlesque? 

Burlesque is a form of dance all about expressing your sexuality and being a big tease! If you’ve ever seen Molin Rouge or the film Burlesque, you’ll have a good idea of what this art form is. Burlesque has been around a long time, but it’s become more popular over the last few years and now hens are loving it too. With sirens like Dita Von Teese making it more accessible to today’s women, Burlesque is big again. The routines involve a slow strip tease that never goes all the way, seductive moves with feather boas and fans, slow tempting poses and the peeling off of layers. The costumes are all about corsets and nipple tassles, but it’s never tacky at your Burlesque hen party class Bourenmouth. Burlesque is timeless and classy. Everything your hen do should be!

Burlesque Class in Bournemouth Gallery


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