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Burlesque Classes Cardiff


What happens during Cardiff burlesque dancing classes? 

Cardiff, city of culture, knows all about dance as an art form and putting on a show. This legendary party city also knows a lot about nightlife and hen dos. Put the two together and you have the perfect combination. A burlesque dance party class Cardiff in Cardiff is going to be sexy and sophisticated. It’s also going to be giggle a minute! During your burlesque dance class in Cardiff you’re going to learn how to strip seductively, but not all the way. Burlesque is risqué and saucy, but it’s not an all-out strip. You’ll also learn how to pose and tease by unleashing your inner wanton woman. Your instructor will demonstrate and help you all to have a go. It’s fun, flirty and something everyone in your hen party group can enjoy and have a go at. 

What not to wear during a burlesque dancing activity. 

There aren’t any set rules on what you can and can’t wear for a burlesque dance lesson. But considering the type of activity this is, there are a few suggestions you might want to consider. Burlesque is a sexy art form and if you look at someone like Dita Von Teese it’s easy to get a feel for the type of thing typically worn. You can bring along fishnets and a corset if you want, but if this seems a little too far for you, simply wear something comfortable but elegant. Joggers and tracksuits probably won’t do for with the theme of this activity! You might also want to consider wearing heels. Flats are great for comfort, but you’ll be learning to walk seductively and sexily so a flat foot might not be best. Whatever you wear, it’s important to feel good. Burlesque is all about the attitude and no one feels sexy in old sweat pants and trainers!

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