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Burlesque Hen Party Dance Classes Nottingham


Nottingham burlesque dancing workshop 

The northern town of Nottingham has a lot in common with burlesque that you might not already know about. Nottingham has a long history with performance and dressing up. Just imagine those times gone by when Robin Hood used to ride through the forest in his cheeky little green suit and tights...ok, maybe we’re stretching it a bit there, but Nottingham is a fantastic place to have a burlesque dancing workshop for your burlesque hen party class Nottingham. Nottingham has a busy nightlife with loads of great bars and clubs, but it also has lots of performance and arts activities going on in the day. You can book a burlesque dancing workshop for the afternoon, or any time you want, and get yourselves in a flirty, feminine and fun mood before you hit the town later. You’ll have loads of fun and you can even do a Robin Hood in your tights, though we doubt the man himself ever wore fishnets!

What equipment does a burlesque dancing tutor bring? 

Your burlesque dance tutor will bring a few things along with her for your dance lesson. If she’s teaching you to burlesque in your own home she may bring a backing track along with her, just to make sure you have the right atmosphere and music for the moves. Similarly, if you want to have your lesson in a venue of your choice, you instructor might bring her own sounds. Otherwise, your burlesque tutor will bring feather boas for each of you, and sometimes other props like nipple tassles and fans. If you want to really find your inner temptress you can add to this by wearing your own corsets, fishnets and lace gloves. Anything you think will make you more burlesque, bring it along. But the main thing your burlesque dance instructor will bring to your lesson is lots of experience, lots of laughs and a large helping of fun!


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