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Burlesque Hen Party Classes Bristol


Why book a burlesque dancing class for a hen party in Bristol? 

Burlesque dancing classes are a lot of fun. You and your hens are gonna have some serious giggles as you each try to lose your inhibitions and act like the sex kittens we all know you are. But our Bristolian burlesque dance instructors know how to tease out even the tamest sex goddess and you’ll all sashay out of the lesson with some extra sexy swag! Bristol is a sophisticated city and your burlesque dance party class Bristol will be no different. You’ll learn how to tease and tempt while staying classy. You’ll learn how to seduce your man to perfection with flirty moves and sultry poses. Failing all else, you’ll have a lot of fun and whether you’re a budding burlesquer or not, you’ll feel a lot sexier! 

Who will be our burlesque dancing instructor for a hen weekend? 

We use only professional and experienced dance instructors for our burlesque dance classes. Your tutors for the lesson will be female instructors who know how to burlesque like the best of ‘em! These ladies are sophisticated and elegant and they’ll show you how to do it just like they do. The dance tutor for your hen weekend burlesque lesson will be ready to share with you her seducing tips and her temptress knowhow. She’ll be highly trained in dance and experienced in the art of burlesque. She’ll also be used to taking classes of hens and she’s ready and willing to answer any questions you might have. Approachable, flexible and loads of fun, our instructors love to burlesque!

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