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Burlesque Hen Party Dance Classes Edinburgh


Why book burlesque dancing for a hen party in Edinburgh? 

Edinburgh is the city of festivals. This Scottish capital has entertainment and performance art coming out its ears all year round. So it follows, if you’re holding your hen party in Edinburgh and you want a touch of class and an unusual activity your whole group can enjoy, burlesque dancing is perfect. Because of its fringe festivals, its quirky arts scene and its love of all things off the wall, you can be sure your burlesque experience in Edinburgh is going to be sexier, saucier and more sophisticated than anywhere else. Edinburgh is avant garde while still keeping it real and your burlesque dancing activity will be the same. You’ll tease your way through the routines and learn how to perform to lace-peeling perfection. You’ll feel at your most daring as you learn how to pose and pull seductive moves. Best of all, you’ll have loads of fun with your fellow hens before heading out to the wild nightlife of Edinburgh. 

What is burlesque? 

Burlesque is a style of dance and performance art that uses a teasing sexiness in its routines and takes its character from a by-gone era of more saucy, seductive strip tease. Burlesque is all about women celebrating their curves and dancing provocatively while never going fully nude. It’s about teasing and flirting and it’s loads of fun! If you’ve ever seen Dita Von Teese do her thing or marvelled at Molin Rouge, you’ll know what we’re talking about. It’s elegant and sexy and typically uses props like feather boas and fans, sometimes even nipple tassles! Burlesque is entertainment, but it’s also good for getting you in the right mood, helping you lose inhibitions and bringing out the temptress within you at your burlesque hen party class Edinburgh. Burlesque is theatrical, dramatic, sexy and saucy. It’s strip tease with an emphasis on the tease. It’s flirty and most of all, it’s fun!

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